MLB Insider Reveals How Juan Soto Cares For His Bats

National League All-Star Juan Soto #22 of the Washington Nationals poses with the 2022 T-Mobile Home Run Derby trophy after winning the event at Dodger Stadium on July 18, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)


MLB players like to have customized bats, gloves, helmets, and cleats: if they have their name on it, then even better.

There really isn’t any reason behind this, probably other than the fact they like to feel they have earned their success and their possessions.

It’s cool to have a bat made just for you: it has your power, your skills, and is almost a small part of you.

Washington Nationals star Juan Soto was pictured in the All-Star Game with a fine-looking red bat with his name all over it.

Talkin’ Baseball posted a picture of Soto hitting with it during the Midsummer Classic.

Washington Post reporter Chelsea Janes had some additional data you will probably find amusing, or endearing.

“Fun fact: He had a few of these bats in a golf bag next to his locker in the Dodger Stadium clubhouse yesterday. Saw a teal one, too. Most guys just had a few bats around. Soto’s were in a golf bag as if they were clubs and I had never seen it before,” she wrote.


Soto Is A Unique Character And Player

We have seen many things in baseball over the years, but not a player using a golf bag to carry his bats around.

Baseball is full of firsts, however, and it’s nice to know he is unique in almost every way other than at the batter’s box.

There, Soto is a beast: he owns a strong .293/.427/.541 batting line with 118 home runs, and he is not even 24 yet.

He has won a World Series ring, batting titles, Silver Sluggers, and has a couple of All-Star berths already.

It’s not a coincidence that every team is dreaming about having him by the time the trade deadline rolls.

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