MLB Fans Are Rooting For A Tie In The All-Star Game

A baseball with MLB logo is seen at Citizens Bank Park before a game between the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies on June 28, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Starting tonight, a new rule will be put in place for the MLB All-Star Game.

This is a rule that has been met with a ton of excitement from fans.

MLB has stated that from this year forward, if an All-Star Game is tied after nine innings, rather than go into extra innings, a Home Run Derby will be used to determine the outcome.

Each team will send three hitters to the plate and each batter will have three swings, similar to how the NHL uses a shootout to decide games late if need be.

Anthony Castrovince of tweeted the news about how All-Star Games will be played from here on out.


Commence Home Run Derby 2.0

This is an exciting change for the All-Star Game.

Now, pretty much all fans around Major League Baseball are hoping for a tie after nine innings.

This would add so much drama to the game and make it all the more exciting.

Perhaps one day, if a regular game goes deep into extra innings and nothing happens, a Home Run Derby can be used to decide the final outcome.

For now, it’s only in place for the All-Star Game, but this is a welcomed change for many fans around baseball and for the game itself.

All we can hope for now is for this to happen tonight.

It would be a lot of fun to see it end this way and come right down to the wire.

It would be baseball’s equivalent to a buzzer beater or a shootout.

This is a great way to get fans to come back to baseball and be more interested in the game in the future.

We’ll see if this happens tonight in the All-Star Game.

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