MLB Analyst Calls Out Yankees Fans Over A FA Target


A New York Yankees hat and Rawlings baseball glove is seen during the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park on April 21, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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MLB free agency hasn’t ended: there are still dozens of players looking for a job.

Some of them are good, or potential difference-makers; others are average players and others are mediocre.

The best of the best are already gone, though, with the notable exception of Carlos Correa.

The catching market didn’t provide many quality alternatives, though.

Once Willson Contreras signed, the best teams could do was swing a trade for Sean Murphy or bring in a mid-tier option like Mike Zunino.

How about former New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins backstop Gary Sanchez?

Thoroughly criticized for his inconsistent defense, Sanchez did improve in that area in his season with the Twins.

With 1.9 Framing Runs and 1 Defensive Run Saved (DRS), you could say he was a net positive behind the plate for the first time in a while.

His offense was once again below-average (89 wRC+) mainly because of his contact issues.

He has power (16 home runs in limited action) but too many strikeouts have hindered his hitting profile.

In recent hours, some Yankees fans have called for his return.

Other fans and an analyst, however, are strongly against that.

That analyst is Gary Sheffield Jr.

“Anyone wanting Gary Sanchez back on the Yankees is just bored that Cashman hasn’t done anything in awhile,” he tweeted.

It’s true that boredom can cause fans to get really creative, but the truth is that the Yankees prefer to apply those funds to other positions.

They are seemingly content with Jose Trevino and Kyle Higashioka behind the plate.

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