Mets Insider Finds Silver Lining To Correa Situation


Carlos Correa #4 of the Minnesota Twins celebrates a three RBI double after advancing to third base on an error against the Detroit Tigers in the fifth inning of the game at Target Field on April 28, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Twins defeated the Tigers 7-1.
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New York Mets fans are now experiencing what fans of the San Francisco Giants had experienced last month.

The Carlos Correa saga is finally over, but it didn’t end the way Mets fans wanted it to.

Instead, Correa is headed back to the Minnesota Twins.

The deal is for six years and $200 million.

Deals with the Mets and Giants have fallen through and now Correa is set to return to Minnesota.

Understandably, Mets fans are quite frustrated with the situation, but Andy Martino of SNY spoke on the matter and was able to find a silver lining in the midst of such disappointment.

The “silver lining” is that it wasn’t originally the Mets’ plan to sign too many long-term deals, but rather to focus on shorter-term deals with veteran players, similar to how things panned out with Justin Verlander.

Verlander signed a two-year, $86 million deal with the Mets at the beginning of the offseason.

What ultimately caused the deal to fall apart with both the Mets and Giants was an issue with Correa’s ankle.

Both teams raised concerns over the issue, which put everything on hold.

It allowed the Mets to steal Correa away from the Giants, and has now allowed the Twins to steal him away from the Mets.

Per Martino, it appears as though the Twins aren’t terribly concerned with the ankle issue, meaning the long-lasting saga may now come to an end.

If so, then all of the big-name free agents are officially off the board.

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