Megyn Kelly knocks CNN considering comedian as prime-time host


Former Fox News host and conservative pundit Megyn Kelly scoffed this week at the idea that CNN would hire a comedian or some other entertainer to host a show in prime time on the network. “I would be amazing if in this era where they’re trying to appease Republicans and get Republican viewers and independent viewers to come back to them … by hiring some Republican contributors that then they give two hours of their prime time to John Stewart, okay,” Kelly said has she chuckled during a recent episode of her podcast. “See how that works out with the people you’re trying to win back okay? You’ve been warned … see how that works out. It’s not going to go very well.”

CNN’s new president, Chris Licht is considering a number of options as he looks to revamp the network’s prime time programming, including hiring a comedian or satirist to host a show on the network, a move that would be a major departure from its traditional nightly lineup of news and analysis shows. Among the top talent Licht is said to be eyeing are Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah and Bill Maher.

Kelly, a former anchor on Fox News and NBC, has like many conservative pundits, routinely criticized CNN for years over a perceived bias against Republicans or conservatives and sluggish ratings compared to other cable networks. Licht has said in a number of interviews and public statements he would like to change that perception, arguing his vision is for CNN “to be essential to society,” and more focused on journalism than partisanship.

Licht has also thrown cold water on buzz around the media business that is dragging the outlet to the center or trying to appeal to Republicans. “The uninformed vitriol, especially from the left, has been stunning,” the network’s chief executive said in comments to the New York Times published in December. “Which proves my point: so much of what passes for news is name-calling, half-truths and desperation.”  

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