Lions Fans Have A Right To Be Upset About Matthew Stafford Trade

Matthew Stafford #9 of the Los Angeles Rams as he leaves the field following the first day of mini camp at California Lutheran University on June 7, 2022 in Thousand Oaks, California.
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Last season saw the Detroit Lions start off the season by trading their franchise quarterback, Matthew Stafford, to the Rams.

In making that trade, the Lions got plenty of draft picks for their franchise quarterback.

However, the team who saw an instant benefit in the deal were the Rams, as they won a Super Bowl with him.

Because of this, Lions fans should be upset with their trade over the trade.

They watched their guy win that Super Bowl with another team.

But that’s the norm for the Lions and their fanbase.


Stafford Bringing A Super Bowl To Detroit Would Have Been Difficult

While some fans feel Stafford could have gotten the team a Super Bowl title, it wouldn’t have been easy.

He had one season where most of the pieces were together for him.

However, it ended in failure for him and Detroit.

When he had a top-five defense and a top-tier receiver in Calvin Johnson that season, he couldn’t get them over the hump.

Some blame that playoff loss and wasted chance on the refs.

But some of that blame could be because he never had a running game in Detroit.

With no fear of a running game, defenses could focus on the duo of Johnson and Stafford.

So while the Super Bowl chances led to a wasted opportunity, management is to blame for not getting him the right tools.


The Lions Ownership Consistently Upset Their Fans

While the Ford family made some excellent decisions, most of them have upset their fans.

Decisions like drafting Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, and Ndamukong Suh were good for Detroit.

However, the Stafford trade, not helping Sanders, and wasting the one team they had who could have made a Super Bowl run, all upset their fans.

But making bone head personnel and roster moves is something the Ford family has done for years.

Just look at former Lions CEO and de facto general manager Matt Millen.

He knew nothing about operating a football team.

However, that didn’t stop William Clay Ford Sr. from hiring him.

“You’ll figure it out” tells every Lions fan the mindset of the Ford family with their franchise.

Who needs anyone with experience, as the Ford family just expects their players, coaches, and other leadership figures to just figure it out.


Shelia Ford Hamp Is No Different From Other Ford Family Members

Shelia Ford Hamp shows she does not differ from William in managing the Lions.

She sent Stafford away, instead of giving him the players he needs.

The team also has a coach who is known as the guy that spent two years on the IR with Detroit as a player.

He will have to “figure it out” just like so many other Lions front office people under William Ford.

However, when he doesn’t think that the team needs an elite quarterback to excel as a team, it doesn’t seem promising.

So while fans should be upset with losing Stafford, the Ford family has given them over 50 years of things to be upset about.

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