LeBron James Spotted Enjoying His New Facility

LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers dunks against the Atlanta Hawks in the second half at Arena on January 07, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)


LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers had a very busy summer.

He appeared at many public outings, including pro-am games, his sons’ matches, weddings, and a few other events.

Of course, James has also been spending a lot of time in the gym because he is adamant about getting the Lakers back on track when the new season begins next month.

Speaking of gyms, James was in a new one named after him.

He took some shots and spent time practicing in the gymnasium that is decorated with images of him at the Nike headquarters in Oregon.

The idea of playing in a location named after you might be daunting to some but not to James, who was once again in fine form, playing like a man possessed.

He is obviously ready for what’s ahead.


James In The Gym

We have seen James working out a lot over the offseason.

This isn’t surprising because a body and physicality like his don’t come without hard work.

This is all great news for fans of the Lakers since they want and need a James who is physically fit, ready to play, and more driven than ever before.

Drive has never been James’ problem, but he has certainly had a few more physical issues over the last couple of years.

That’s understandable considering he will turn 38 this season but the Lakers have serious issues that become all the more apparent when James is hurt and sidelined.

A lot can change during a season but, right now, it appears as if James is healthier than he’s ever been.

Will it last or will James again be visited by Father Time?

Time will tell when the new season starts next month.

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