Last of the ‘East Road 10’ found her home

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — All 10 dogs who were rescued from filthy conditions in an alleged abuse case in Fulton County are now in loving homes. The last to be adopted was Edna, who is now affectionately called Millie by her new family.

The ‘East Road 10‘ were rescued from an abandoned property in Ephratah in June. Allegedly, food and water were sparse for the group of dogs. When they were found, their fur was matted, their heads were barely distinguishable from their tails, and they all had their share of health problems.

Almost two months after being rescued, the dogs are feeling much better physically. However, it’s the change in their spirits that brings Fulton County Regional SPCA President Renee Earl the most joy.

“As soon as they leave here, or they leave their foster homes, and they get into their new families, they’re changed,” Earl said, “and we’re getting reports from all of the adoptive families that, it’s as if they’ve lived there forever, which makes us proud knowing that we selected really great homes for all of them.”

All 10 are now settling in with their new families. Even Millie, who is a little more shy than her siblings, and was the last to be chosen, is coming out of her shell. Her new mom, Leslie Ackernacht, said it was a perfect match from the moment they met. 

“We’re at a place in our life where we think we could take care of her and give her a good life,” Ackernacht said. “We know where she came from and what she’s been through.”

Shelters like the Fulton County SPCA are pretty full these days. Many are experiencing higher return rates of pets. Strays and abandoned animals are constantly showing up at the door. Of course, there are the alleged abuses cases, like the East Road 10.

Luckily, people like Ackernacht and the rest of the families who took in the East Road 10, are ready and able to step in and give these dogs a better shot at life.

“They’re just loving animals that need help,” said Ackernacht.

There are many adoptable animals waiting for forever homes at the Fulton County SPCA.

The pair accused of abandoning Millie and the other Shih Tzu’s, Harvey Martz II and Laurie Murray, are due back in court on September 15th. They each face 10 counts of animal cruelty charges. Police seized the 10 dogs, along with three goats, and several cats from the property. Two dead goats were also found on the property.

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