Lamar Jackson Should Accept His Fortune At This Point

Quarterback Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens on the sidelines during the first half of the NFL preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on August 21, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. The Ravens defeated the Cardinals 24-17.
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Time is ticking away on the Baltimore Ravens and their contract offer to Lamar Jackson.

The 2022 offseason has been a battle between the two during contract negotiations.

However, neither side is getting an offer they want.

Jackson is looking for fully-guaranteed money, much like Deshaun Watson got in Cleveland.

But so far, he’s not getting a contract of Watson’s caliber.

With the NFL season about to kick-off, should Jackson accept the offer he’s given by Baltimore?


Ravens Are Willing To Pay Jackson, But Not Fully Guarantee The Money

The Ravens want to pay Jackson a handsome amount with a new contract.

However, the deal-breaker from Jackson is getting fully-guaranteed money.

Fully guaranteeing his contract sets a precedent NFL teams never want to set with NFL players.

Every NFL player now wants what Watson got from the Cleveland Browns.

But doing this leaves NFL teams open to losing money on players who suffer an injury.

If their money is fully guaranteed, they get paid even while sitting out because of an injury.

The Ravens know their young QB is coming off an injury.

While they believe in him, they don’t want to pay him if he suffers another injury in 2022 or beyond.

However, he seems to believe his 2021 injury shouldn’t factor into denying him a fully-guaranteed contract.

So should he stick to his guns or take the money they are offering now, despite it not being fully guaranteed?


Unofficial Plan To End Contract Talks After The Season Starts Can Backfire

The unofficial deadline that’s set for the Ravens QB and his new contract is when Week 1 starts.

However, this deadline time can backfire on both sides if there’s no deal by Sunday.

For the Ravens, the deadline backfires if Jackson posts another MVP season, while taking the Ravens to a Super Bowl.

But for the young QB, it can backfire if this season is his worst or if he’s hurt again in 2022.

While both examples are extremes, they are potential outcomes.

However, with a lack of star talent at receiver, Jackson’s passing numbers can suffer.

This should give him the reason he needs to take an offer now.


Jackson Needs To Listen To An Old Steve Miller Band Song

The Steve Miller Band put out a classic song which has a famous line in it.

“Take the money and run.”

This is exactly what the Ravens QB needs to do right now.

If staying in Baltimore is his genuine desire, he shouldn’t hold out over fully-guaranteed money.

However, if he’s afraid of facing another injury, we can see why he wants fully-guaranteed money.

But that fear shouldn’t prevent him from playing with a team he says he loves playing for.

He let the world know he loves his Ravens.

While he’s said this, it’s time for him to show this before the NFL season kicks off.

If the Ravens are offering money to him like Aaron Rodgers got, he should take it, even without a full guarantee on the contract.

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