Lamar Jackson Keeps Waiting Patiently And Driving Up His Value

Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens walks off the field after a loss against to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on December 05, 2021 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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As the 2022 NFL regular season is nearing, fans have seen yet another QB getting an enormous deal.

No, the Baltimore Ravens haven’t given a new deal to Lamar Jackson.

All the hype is over Russell Wilson and his deal with the Denver Broncos.

However, that deal could drive up Jackson’s asking price as he’s yet to get a new deal.

But he might want to do this soon, as football is back in less than two weeks.


Can Jackson’s Patience Backfire On Him?

Everyone wants to know about contract talks between the young QB and the Ravens.

However, getting information is tough with these contract talks.

That’s because Jackson is his own agent in these talks, while his mom manages him.

It’s been like this since he came into the NFL, meaning nothing has changed.

While his patience with any offer is driving up the asking price, it can easily backfire if he flops this season.

Without some of his top targets from last season this year, he could be set for disaster.

Any contract talks after the season begins can easily focus on his current season.

If the Ravens want to low-ball him, using a poor performance in 2022 can give them ammo.

So there’s pressure on him to perform this season, as his future contract money could get linked to this season’s performance.


Jackson’s Antics On Social Media Are Odd

With the Ravens QB stone cold with contract talks, leaks are the only source of information.

While Jackson denies the leaks coming out during contract talks, they are out because he’s being tight-lipped with the contract process.

However, his denying of leaks never answers the deep questions about where these talks are heading.

Never has he told the press where these talks are going.

But what’s worse is his antics on social media, antics that keep people guessing about his intentions.

First, it started with him changing his Twitter background picture to a set of gold teeth that said “I need $.”

He later denied the photo was in response to his contract negations with Baltimore.

However, his recent liking of a photoshopped picture of himself in a Dolphins uniform on Twitter raises questions.

This sparked internet rumors that he’s heading to Miami.

But his comments following this never gave fans answers.

While he’s promised fans he’s sticking with the team, everything he does paints a different picture.


Could Jackson’s Social Media Antics Be A Troll On Reporters?

With no concrete answers on Jackson’s contract talks, it seems like every move the quarterback makes is a troll on reporters.

He comes with a response every time, but rarely a response with a concrete answer.

Is he really trolling the reporters who are searching for their next big scoop on his contract extension?

While we might never know this answer, it’s something that’s possible.

Maybe he wants reporters guessing his true intentions to see if these people can be trusted.

With people having a distrust of media figures, Jackson could troll them because of a distrust of them as well.

However, until he comes out and confirms or denies this, it’s just another rumor surrounding Jackson in 2022.

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