Lamar Jackson Has A Unique Path To NFL Riches

Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens throws the ball during warm-up before the game against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 12, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio.
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With the NFL preseason almost here, it’s shocking to see no new contract for Lamar Jackson.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback will begin 2022 without a new contract deal, unlike many other quarterbacks this year.

However, this situation with the Ravens and Jackson is unique, as the young QB has a unique path to NFL riches.

So what are just some things that make a deal between the two so unique in the NFL?


Few Franchise QBs Have Ever Faced A Drawn Out Contract Offer Process

The contract talks between the young quarterback and Baltimore have been ongoing for quite a while now.

With Ravens GM Eric DeCosta talking about a contract deal with Jackson back in March 2021, it’s been over a year with no movement.

This is unique, as most franchise quarterbacks get what they want without lengthy contract talks.

Franchise quarterbacks like Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen all got their deals done pretty quick.

However, the situation with Jackson is something we rarely see because of outside factors.

What Jackson is doing is something only 16 other NFL players currently do with contract talks.

Him being his own agent is something very few NFL players do now.

The move makes the situation with him and his team unique, as franchise players usually get agents to handle their deals.


How Does Jackson Being His Own Agent Affect Contract Talks?

It’s hard to lowball a player to their face when they are the agent in contract talks.

With Lamar having his mom there with him, any wrong move by the Ravens could offend her.

However, having a parent there with you for contract talks wasn’t outside the normal.

In fact, before the sports agents were popular, parents were the go-to people for college athletes in contract talks with NFL teams.

But over time, college athletes have seen the advantage of having an agent over a parent for contract talks.

While this isn’t a knock on Jackson or his mom, it speaks to the fact many college athletes were taken advantage of by NFL teams after the draft.

However, stories about some of the shady things sports agents do could give Jackson a reason to take matters into his own hands.

But with him being his own agent, he might not know the complexities of an offer that is given to him.

While this could be what’s going on, something else could give Jackson reason to wait on a new contract.


Ravens Might Be Using Jackson’s 2021 Injury Against Him

The 2021 season was a disappointment for the young Ravens QB.

He was out for the season in the final four games.

They could use this to offer him a lower contract.

However, they could also use this to void any contract bonuses Jackson might look for in a deal.

With that injury, he could be backed into a corner with the contract talks.

While most quarterbacks get deals done even while having an injury on their record, Jackson might not because he’s acting as his own agent.

Therefore, his path to NFL riches is unique with all these factors.

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