Laid-off professor leaves final remarks to Saint Rose colleagues


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Local professor Bruce Roter calls The College of Saint Rose “unrecognizable from the one I had helped build,” in an open letter to faculty colleagues. The letter highlights the professor’s frustration and what he sees as the college’s shortcomings.

This past semester, Roter finished his 24th year at The College of Saint Rose where he taught music. He was among over 30 faculty who were terminated as part of the college’s 2020 retrenchment process which was its second mass layoff in 5 years. Roter among other colleagues sued the College, initially winning and reinstated but the decision was soon overturned on appeal.

In the open letter, Roter explains the situation of him and colleagues along with a goal of “raising awareness of the College’s financial and ethical challenges,” despite his departure. Roter also advises former colleagues to work with “honesty, transparency, and a commitment to academic integrity,” instead of silence, apathy or “insincere plastic smiles,” in efforts to restore Saint Rose to its positive trajectory. Roter includes in his letter a blog which offers insight and commentary in the college, and the minutes from the board of trustees meetings.

Roter ends his letter speaking on the role of educators and thanking his colleagues. “Indeed, we would all be wise to remember that our dedication to educating, empowering and serving the public goes beyond any one institution. I look forward to working with you and with all members of our community so that I can continue to make our community better.”

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