Knicks Fans Are Worried After An Embarrassing Loss

Obi Toppin #1 of the New York Knicks looks on during the second half against the Brooklyn Nets at Madison Square Garden on April 06, 2022 in New York City. The Nets won 110-98.
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Pro-am games have been all the rage in the NBA lately and a few players from the New York Knicks just got into the act.

Obi Toppin, Jalen Brunson, and Julius Randle received a warm welcome from New York fans as they took to the floor for a pro-am league game this past weekend.

It’s rare for fans to see players this close and they were expecting one heck of a show.

Well, they got one – but not the one they expected.

In the end, Toppin had 25 points, Brunson put up 24, and Randle had 18 in an explosive showing.

Yet, it wasn’t enough as that trio and their team fell to the opposition for a final score of 110-97.

Each of the players from the Knicks obviously did well but they got outplayed by some tough, competitive amateurs.

The pro-am team that beat them won nothing more than bragging rights but that sure counts for something when you’re taking down NBA pros.


Knocking Down The Knicks

Fans of the Knicks were immediately worried after watching a few of their best guys get defeated in such a way.

Of course, there is no need to jump to conclusions just yet.

However, Toppin, Brunson, and Randle will obviously have to achieve more when they are playing in the regular season.

A lot is riding on next season for the Knicks: fans are desperate to see the team turn things around after a very lackluster last season.

These three players will likely be a huge part of that, especially Brunson who is now seen as a centerpiece for the squad.

A loss in a pro-am game might be embarrassing but it shouldn’t necessarily be an omen.

But Knicks fans are nervous, like they always are, that this is a worrisome sign of things to come.

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