Knicks Fans Are Excited For The Future


Jalen Brunson #11 of the New York Knicks dribbles during the first half against the Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Square Garden on January 09, 2023 in New York City.
(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)


The New York Knicks made fans very happy the other night when they snuck another win past the Washington Wizards in DC.

It was their second win in a row and was powered by the hard work of Jalen Brunson (34 points) and Julius Randle (23 points and 16 rebounds).

The Knicks are still the middle of the pack for the playoff race, sitting at 6th in the East with a 24-19 record.

But things are looking good for the team.

KnicksMuse was very excited on Twitter, highlighting all the things going in the team’s favor.

Yes, they are currently the 6th seed but they are very young with so much potential: the oldest rotation player on the roster is just 28.

Meanwhile, they have an impressive seven first-round draft picks over the next three years and their three best players are on low-cost contracts for the next few seasons.

All in all, the Knicks are positioning themselves to have a great immediate future.

But that doesn’t mean that fans are content with sitting tight and not experiencing success right now.

It has been a painfully long time since this New York team has made an impact in the postseason and the loyal Knicks crowd wants that to change as soon as possible.

They want to see some progress and steps forward instead of the same things they have seen again and again over the last few years.

With the work of Brunson, Randle, RJ Barrett, and others, there is no doubt that the Knicks could return to the playoffs.

It won’t be easy but they could definitely score several important victories in the playoffs and maybe go far.

Can they actually have a postseason run that makes fans happy about the future and the present?

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