Kevin Durant Made Sure To Troll 2 Of His Enemies

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets reacts against the Detroit Pistons at Barclays Center on March 29, 2022 in New York City.
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Two things are always true about Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets: he’s a terrific basketball player and he loves stating his opinion on Twitter.

Durant is on his summer break right now and it’s been full of a lot of rumor and speculation.

You would think that maybe he’d be commenting about that on Twitter.

However, he’s instead focusing on two of his biggest foes.

Durant retweeted a New York Post story about ESPN analysts Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith working out their differences and “hashing it out.”

The 12-time All-Star simply said “Awww, I’m so proud of these men.”

You can feel the sarcasm dripping off Durant’s tweet.


Always At Odds

Throughout his career, Durant has heard many opinions and hot takes about him.

Two of the loudest voices in a chorus of analysts have been Bayless and Smith.

There have been times when they have praised Durant but they have also regularly picked apart his game, spoken poorly of him, and criticized his moves within the league, his leadership skills, and his status among other NBA greats.

As for Durant, he’s never been afraid of talking back.

Over the last few years, Durant has become more and more comfortable stating his point of view, even if it hasn’t been cordial.

Twitter has opened the door for Durant to be even more opinionated, free from the shackles of post-game press conferences and able to really let loose and speak his mind.

Sometimes he’s clapping back at NBA fans, sometimes he’s commenting on other players, and sometimes he’s going after analysts who seem to always have it out for him.

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