Kathy Hochul, first elected woman Governor sworn into office


ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Governor Kathy Hochul was sworn in on Sunday as New York’s first elected woman governor serving a four-year term. Our Capitol Correspondent Amal Tlaige was at the Inauguration and gave us a break-down of what Hochul says lies ahead for the state of New York.

“The sign says I didn’t come here to make history, I came here to make a difference. And to pursue the worthy causes, pursue them together,” said Hochul. From Lieutenant Governor to now sitting in the state’s highest office, Gov. Hochul said she will continue to fight for key issues New Yorkers are facing. “The affordability crisis in housing, in energy, in everything, it’s making life just too damn hard for New Yorkers. And the gun violence epidemic, my gosh. The rise in hate crimes, what happened here? Asian hate. Anti LGBTQ hate, and the systemic racism it still persists to this day,” she said.

On top of that, Hochul said the state is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Whether it’s getting students back on track in schools or providing mental health solutions for those who need it, it’s a fight she’s prepared to take on. “When history looks back at our time, the question will be whether we rose up to meet these challenges today and challenges yet unknown. Standing before you I know the answer is yes, because obstacles don’t define us. Rather it is the unparalleled courage and character of us that defines us as a people. So my confidence in the future is steeped in our glorious past,” she said.

Hochul took a moment to pay tribute to the 38 lives lost during the centuries worst winter storm in Western New York, also taking a moment to thank those who helped. “I want to recognize the heroic first responders, law enforcement, and the ordinary citizens who helped the strangers in their time of need.” Additionally, Hochul said she is aware that New York has the highest migration rate and says she will continue to work on issues of public safety and affordability.

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