Justin Fields Ends The Bears’ Preseason Nearly Perfect

Justin Fields #1 of the Chicago Bears passes in the first half during the preseason game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears at Lumen Field on August 18, 2022 in Seattle, Washington.
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The 2022 NFL preseason ended on a perfect note Saturday night for the Chicago Bears.

In their three preseason games, the Bears would walk away with victories in all three games.

However, it was their Saturday night game against the Cleveland Browns that was the best for quarterback Justin Fields.

While he saw limited play in the first two preseason games, this game saw him playing the entire first half.

It was just what he needed, and what fans wanted to see from him.

So was Saturday’s game a preview of what Bears fans can expect from Fields in 2022?


Fields Had A Nearly Perfect Game On Saturday Versus The Browns

It was a field day for starting quarterback Justin Fields against the Browns on Saturday.

He passed for 156 yards and three touchdowns, while completing 14 out of 16 of his passes.

His last touchdown was to a wide open Cole Kmet, which put the Bears on top by a score of 21-0.

This was the quarterback play every Bears fan desired to see from him during preseason.

However, they never got that look because the team limited his play.

But in that last game of the preseason, Fields came out shining like a star, giving fans something to brag about.

So is Fields set to have a breakout season in 2022?


Fields Accuracy And Good Judgement In Preseason Games Gives Hope For A Breakout Season

In Fields rookie season, he made quite a few mistakes.

He ended his rookie season with ten interceptions and a completion percentage of 58.9.

However, his preseason performance blows away those old numbers.

In three games, Fields has passed for 243 yards, three touchdowns, zero interceptions, and completed 76.7% of his passes.

These numbers might seem meaningless, but they are something for Fields, as the Bears’ head into the regular season.

He’s also showing better judgement, which was on display in the preseason finale.

However, it’s about him taking all this preseason success and using it in regular season games.

Games will become tougher for Fields, as he’ll face first string defenses and not backups.

But that won’t stop Fields, as his last preseason game saw him execute plays both in and out of the pocket.


Week One Will Be Fields First Challenge Of Whether He’s A Fluke

People who aren’t fans of the Bears will say that Fields’ performance was just a fluke.

However, they will swoon over a quarterback who had a mediocre preseason.

While it could be true, the young quarterback can silence the haters in week one of the NFL season.

The Bears will face the San Francisco 49ers for their first game of the season, a team known for good defense.

If the young QB can overcome the 49ers’ defense, he can start making his case for not being a fluke.

But it won’t be a simple task for him, as he’s without big name players on offense.

However, he’s shown during the preseason that he doesn’t need player like that to win games.

He’ll win those games by continuing to make better decisions with the ball.

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