Josh Allen Proved Why He’s A Consensus MVP Favorite

Quarterback Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills scrambles with the football past linebacker Justin Hollins #58 of the Los Angeles Rams during the fourth quarter of the NFL game at SoFi Stadium on September 08, 2022 in Inglewood, California.
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The Buffalo Bills couldn’t have asked for a better game than the one Josh Allen gave them.

Thursday night’s game in Los Angeles saw Allen put on a near perfect performance in front of the Hollywood lights.

While the star power was with the Los Angeles Rams, it was Allen’s performance that was glowing.

With some sports pundits back Aaron Rodgers as the 2022 MVP, the Bills QB showed why he’s the consensus favorite.

However, he’ll need to continue his outstanding play beyond the first game of the NFL season.


His Night In Los Angeles Was Nearly Perfect

While 158.3 is a perfect quarterback rating in the NFL, Allen’s night gave him a solid 112.0 QBR.

His three touchdowns and 297 passing yards are all huge upsides to his performance Thursday night.

However, he had two knocks on his passer rating that came from two interceptions.

But one of those interceptions wasn’t his fault, meaning his two-interception night could have been only one.

Despite the interceptions, Allen finished the night 26 for 31.

With his accuracy being dead on, it’s giving him hopes of contending for the MVP title.

However, as we’ve seen before, early MVP contenders don’t always finish the season with the MVP title.


Could Allen End Up Like Kyler Murray?

Last season saw Kyler Murray as an early MVP favorite.

He started the season 7-0, and was doing great on the field.

However, an injury to Murray and his top receiver derailed his MVP run.

While it could happen to the young Bills QB, he’s not ready to let that happen.

He’s making improvements already over his 2021 season, which saw him slightly regress with accuracy .

But he needs to continue with these things if he wants an MVP title.

If he can, he won’t be an early MVP favorite that turns into a flop.


Allen’s Mistakes Thursday Night Weren’t All On Him

The best part of Allen’s Thursday night was how even the mistakes he made weren’t completely his fault.

This means he only needs to stay consistent with his play.

With his first interception coming from a receiver failing to secure an on-target pass, he’s doing everything right.

However, his second interception was slightly on him, as he didn’t throw the ball far enough out of the range of Troy Hill.

While Hill jumped in front of the receiver to get that pick, a ball further away from him could have kept the pass from being intercepted.

With some mistakes being easily fixed, Allen gave proof he’s picking up where he left off during the 2021-22 NFL playoffs.

If he continues along this path, it gives the Bills a shot to make the Super Bowl, which can end a nearly 30-year drought.

It can also help him secure the MVP title he’s gunning for in 2022.

Allen’s performance in a high pressure game shows he’s ready to be the 2022 MVP.

All NFL fans need to do now is watch and see him turn out the best performance in his NFL career with the Bills.

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