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Join the AIPLA Law Journal Editorial Board

The AIPLA Journal Quarterly has been publishing articles since its first 1972 issue.  That original issue included articles from Retired Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark as well as Sixth Circuit Chief Judge Harry Phillips and CCPA Judge Giles Rich.

  • Tom C. Clark, The Patent System Deserves Clean Hands, 1 AIPLA Q.J. 9 (1972) (arguing for doctrine of unenforceability for failure to disclose known prior art to the USPTO).
  • Harry Phillips, Burden of Proof in Patent Cases, 1 AIPLA Q.J. 17 (1972) (describing the lack of harmony among the various circuits).
  • Giles S. Rich, Laying the Ghost of the “Invention” Requirement, 1 AIPLA Q. J. 26 (1972) (walking through the history of drafting the 1952 Patent Act obviousness requirement).

I’m happy that the most recent issue – 50 years later – is an article that I co-authored on sovereign immunity and patent/copyright history.

Unlike most academic law journals, the AIPLA Q.J. articles are peer reviewed by an editorial board of intellectual property attorneys and professors. Two Editorial Board members review each manuscript, comment on the manuscript, edit the manuscript (if necessary), and indicate whether the manuscript should be selected for publication. The also journal has a staff of student members housed at GWU Law who have some say in the selection process and edit the articles.

The journal is seeking new members for its Editorial Board. You have to be an attorney and a member of the AIPLA.  3-year term begins in November.  Apply here by August 31, 2022.


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