Jimmy Rollins Comments On The Swag Of Jazz Chisholm

Jazz Chisholm Jr #2 of the Miami Marlins gestures to the fans after hitting a three run home run during the ninth inning off of Mark Melancon #34 of the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field on May 11, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona.
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MLB fans, especially younger audiences, like players with swag, flair, and style.

Those traits help keep the fans engaged and entertained: you have to remember that MLB is a whole industry that requires the buyer (fans) to purchase and consume a product (the league and games).

There may not be a player with more of these attributes than Miami Marlins infielder Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Not only does he have cool, fresh style and a big smile every time he takes the field: Chisholm justifies all this with incredible play on the field.

Before Wednesday’s games, he was hitting .251/.307/.546, with 13 home runs and 10 stolen bases.

Few players in the league have his kind of power and speed combo.

Younger fans see a cool player and person every time he plays, with his euro step celebrations, his funky hairstyles, and the joy with which he approaches the game.


Chisholm Has “Swag”

As Hall of Fame candidate Jimmy Rollins said, Chisholm has “swag”.

Even more than himself.

“‘I had swag. I couldn’t touch this guy, though’, Jimmy Rollins on Jazz Chisholm Jr., after a discussion of Chisholm’s pregame sunglasses (“John Lennon glasses”),” Sarah Langs tweeted, quoting the former Philadelphia Phillies’ great.

One can’t help but think Miami is the perfect city for a flamboyant personality like Chisholm, and Chisholm is the perfect player for the Marlins to build around.

It looks like a perfect marriage.

Hopefully, there won’t be a dispute over money that ends things eventually.

As for Rollins, he is right; he had plenty of swag, and was an excellent ballplayer, too.

But Chisholm is just different.

He is the real deal, and could be one of the faces of MLB in no time.

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