Is Supercuts Good? (10 Reasons They Are)



There are many barbershops and hair stylists to choose from these days, it’s hard to know which places are good and which ones could stand to learn a thing or two.

Without spending a fortune on a haircut, it’s difficult to find a stylist that works for you.

Since 1975, Supercuts has been in the business of affordable and consistent haircuts across the United States.


Is Supercuts Good? (10 Reasons They Are)


1. Affordability

hairdresser combing hair


Supercuts’ main appeal is their affordability when it comes to haircuts.

The basic cost of a haircut at Supercuts is between $14 and $21.

This is a huge difference from the $60 or even $300 or more some hair stylists charge just for a basic cut.

If you opt for a shampoo at Supercuts, you’re looking at $17 to $24, with an average cost of around $20 – $22.

For a shampoo and a blow dry, the cost is about $32 – $35.

This is pennies compared to other hair salons. Seniors’ and children’s cuts are as low as $13 – $18.

When you go to other hair salons, you are often paying more for the name and the reputation than the cut itself.

In fact, there have been studies done comparing expensive haircuts with those from Supercuts.

The experiment found that 40% of people could not tell the difference between a Supercuts haircut and one from a fancy Los Angeles salon that charged $500 for an introductory cut.

For many families and people with children, Supercuts is the best option when it comes to reasonable hygienic upkeep.

Most families would find it completely unrealistic to bring multiple children and themselves into salons that charge $300 for a cut.


2. Reliable Results

Barber styling customer hair at barbershop


Supercuts prides itself on “consistent, quality haircuts.”

To be as successful as they have been, it’s crucial to maintain a standard of operation.

When it comes to chain restaurants and stores, customers find it comforting to know what the restaurant or store already offers.

Maintaining this type of reliability is vital to generating customer interest and long-term support.

Americans like their chain stores a certain way, and Supercuts is no different.

Though each hairstylist will offer their own flair and technique, the haircut itself will remain pretty consistent if you opt for the same style time and time again.

When visiting different Supercuts locations or getting a cut while traveling, it’s assuring to know what you’ll get before you even go in.

Consistency and reliability take away the stress of not knowing what you’ll get.


3. Convenient Locations

supercuts hair salon


There are currently 2,700 Supercuts locations across the United States, meaning there is most likely one close to you.

There’s no need to drive for miles to get a great haircut when there is probably one right in your neighborhood.

Starting in Albany, California, the popularity of a quick and affordable cut grew, expanding a single shop into more and more locations.

Within three years of starting, Supercuts started to franchise, meaning they wanted other people to run their businesses under the Supercuts name and rules, sending back 10% of their profits to the main headquarters in Minnesota.

Supercuts’ locations were strategically placed near malls and office parks, where they were able to receive the most foot traffic.

Though this strategy was beneficial and productive before Covid, today many of the locations struggle to remain open as the foot traffic has died down considerably.

Because most Supercuts locations are franchised, the exact operating hours may change per salon.

However, most Supercuts are open on many federal holidays, on which other businesses are typically closed.

These holidays include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, and more.

The only days almost all Supercuts are closed are Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Many people use their federal holiday days off of work to complete their needed errands, and haircuts are one of those things, making Supercuts an extremely convenient option.


4. Time-Efficiency

Barber cutting hair of customer


The first Supercuts was modeled to be cheap and quick, with both principles reliant on the other.

To offer such affordable haircuts, Supercuts learned to be fast with the cut.

Today, they are still one of the quickest haircuts you can get.

Supercuts aims to keep their haircuts at around only 20 minutes long.

This way they can perform up to 100 haircuts a day.

In addition to a quick cut, there’s typically minimal or no waiting time when you arrive.

In their Supercuts profile article, Slate says, when starting “Supercuts promised a quick, in-and-out experience that wouldn’t kill your whole afternoon.”

This remains true today.

It might be difficult to imagine that a great haircut can be done in 20 minutes, but Supercuts’ founders, Geoffrey Rappaport and Frank Emmett, were adamant about finding a way to do this successfully.

Together, they developed a time-efficient and repeatable technique for cutting hair, involving segmenting hair pieces and paying attention to small details like how a stylist holds their scissors.

Long-time franchise owner, Cheryl Robinson, describes the process as “a systemic way of cutting hair and not making it be a work of art by a master who would decide what would look good on you, but really a way to hit those everyday haircuts.”

Instead of wasting time in deep discussion with a hairstylist about what may or may not work for you and things you could try, Supercuts’ hairstylists mostly perform the basics on their clients.

It’s also extremely time efficient to flip through style guide photo books and point to a picture of a cut you want, as opposed to describing something you aren’t sure about.

Supercuts’ clients can easily get their haircut on lunch breaks, after work, or while strolling by a location they pass.

It’s fast and painless, freeing clients up to complete the rest of their day’s activities.


5. Well-Trained Employees

Barber cuts hair of a man


Though the Supercuts cutting technique may be streamlined, this doesn’t mean anyone can do it.

Supercuts’ stylists do not need certification from fancy hair schools but instead are trained specifically by the company.

This means anyone with a passion for styling and cutting hair can apply, regardless of initial skill or experience.

They gain the skill during training and the experience as they go along.

Supercuts’ training process is both in-person and online and is taught by the Supercuts Education Team.

During training, employees learn everything they need to know, including a variety of cut styles, how to use proper hair styling equipment, and the specific Supercuts’ time-efficient and proven technique.

Stylists with experience are also encouraged to apply, as sharpening their cutting skills is never a bad thing.

The whole Supercuts training process is paid as well, keeping their valued applicants and employees engaged and happy.

Supercuts knows the importance of content employees, as it’s seen in the faces of customers and the end results.


6. Great Environment For Employees

Multiethnic barbers joke with a customer


Supercuts currently employs over 10,000+ stylists and counts on their franchise owners to give their employees the respect they deserve.

Supercuts claims to promote a family-like atmosphere within the company.

A tagline for their employees is, “You never work for Supercuts. Supercuts works with you.”

They put great emphasis on health and safety for their employees, and are always available to listen to what their employees have to say, no matter where they’re at in the journey.

Franchise owners are tasked with giving their employees flexible hours, yet still allowing them to earn as much as possible.

This helps to build an environment of mutual respect and value.

When employees feel valued and appreciated, work morale goes up, benefiting customers with a pleasant experience that they’ll come back to.

The respect which Supercuts gives their employees is admirable, and in return, they get dedicated and passionate stylists to carry on their company’s name.

Supercuts’ stylists are honored for their creativity and devotion to their craft.

An open and receptive work community also allows for the sharing of new ideas and techniques, something everybody can benefit from.

After receiving paid training, Supercuts stylists can cut, color, and style just about anything in a timely manner, all while letting the customer choose what they want.

Helping a customer’s unique individuality come out is something many Supercuts stylists pride themselves on.

Supercuts also offers all of their employees, franchisees, franchise employees, and their immediate families 20 % off tuition to any Empire Beauty School.


7. Affordable Hair Care Products

Dad and son visiting barbershop


In addition to great, affordable haircuts, Supercuts also sells affordable hair products.

There’s not much point in getting a stylish haircut if it can’t be replicated or maintained at home.

This is why Supercuts wants to ensure their customers can look great every day, long after they’ve left the salon.

To do this, Supercuts offers products from Paul Mitchell, Biolage, Redken, American Crew, Nioxin, and more.

These products are affordable, yet provide salon-tier quality.

From shampoos and conditioners to volumizing mousse and hairspray, Supercuts has you covered when it comes to hair products.

You can find specialty shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair, curls, frizzy hair, and so many other types.

More expensive hair salons generally sell overpriced hair products along with their haircuts, but Supercuts wants to make great hair accessible to everyone.

Check with your local Supercuts to see what products they have available as the selection will change based on location.

It’s also easy to discuss with your local Supercuts hair stylist which products will work best for you and your hairstyle.


8. Range Of Services

Supercuts hair salon


Some hair stylists specialize in one or two styles, while many simply only cut men’s or women’s hair without crossing over.

This was also the way it was in the 1970s when Supercuts was just getting started.

To turn the hair styling industry on its head, Supercuts went against the grain and promoted itself as a unisex salon, accepting both men and women.

Also, kids can get haircuts at Supercuts, something not many hair salons are willing to do.

One of the most unique aspects of Supercuts is its straightforward menu.

The basic services are a Supercut (haircut and Hot Towel Refresher), a Supercut II (shampoo, cut, and Hot Towel Refresher), a Supercut III (shampoo, cut, blow-dry, and Hot Towel Refresher), a Supercut IV (shampoo, cut, blow-dry, hot tool styling, and Hot Towel Refresher), a Supercut Jr. (Kid’s haircut 12 and younger), Supercut Sr. (senior haircut 65 and older), and a beard or bang trim (maintenance between haircut visits).

Hair styling services include a blow dry, a blowout (straightening or smooth blow-dry), and hot tool styling, such as curling or flat iron styling.

Supercuts also offers hair coloring services.

These include Supercolor (an even dye job), highlights (bleaching small sections of hair to stand out), lowlights (darkening small sections of hair for dimension), tip color (color added to tips of the hair), and gray blending (scattered color to blend in natural grays better).

Their add-on menu allows customers to purchase additional services to add to a basic cut and know exactly what the cost will be.

Added services include a shampoo, conditioning treatment, tea tree experience (which consists of special tea tree shampoo and a scalp massage), and waxing (brow, lip, or chin).

Prices on all of these services are dependent on the specific Supercuts location, so check with your local store for details.


9. No Appointments Needed

Barber in latex gloves putting hands on shoulder


Supercuts’ walk-in service is one of the best things about this chain hair salon.

Life can get chaotic, and making a hair appointment might not be on the top of your list.

If you’re juggling work, school, and extracurricular activities, it might seem impossible to know in advance when you’ll have time to step away from your busy day for a haircut.

Supercuts takes this added stress off your shoulders by accepting walk-ins – no appointment needed.

This is certainly appealing when you happen to be walking past a Supercuts you’re your hair long overdue for maintenance.

Popping right it and getting your hair taken care of on the spot is so convenient.

There’s usually no wait or next to no wait.

If you have children, you can appreciate the convenience of receiving a needed service without planning ahead.

Our busy schedules make life unpredictable at times.

Taking haircut appointments off of your list of things to worry about is so helpful and appreciated.

Customers also have the option to sign in on the Supercuts App, a super easy way to check on wait times and availability at specific locations.


10. Superior Customer Care

barbers posing in barbershop


Besides offering their customers affordable, quick, and convenient haircuts, Supercuts has taken Covid 19 extremely seriously.

The precautions they’ve taken to keep their customers and employees safe during the pandemic speak volumes.

Supercuts teamed up with top infectious disease specialists to ensure their salons are a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Salon chairs have been separated further apart, ensuring a proper safe distance, and the waiting room also contains spacing recommendations for social distancing.

Stylists are asked to wash their hands and thoroughly sanitize their stations in between customers.

Customers are then fit with clean, sanitized capes.

Communal spaces, such as the waiting room, are wiped clean frequently, along with the whole shop before it opens every morning.

Door handles are also frequently sanitized throughout the day.

Any employee showing symptoms of Covid 19 will be quarantined for 14 days, limiting the amount of contact with others.

Supercuts also says they’re following all “CDC and PHAC guidelines, local and provincial mandates, as well as cosmetology board regulations.”

They take their precautions above and beyond expectations, showing how committed they are to customer safety.

Supercuts also keeps lines of communication open between their customers, local salons, and national headquarters providing accommodations to give feedback directly to a specific salon.

They also offer a customer service email for any concerns not directly related to the salons.

They want to make sure any question or concern is addressed, ensuring client satisfaction across the board.



With their consistent and affordable haircuts, Supercuts has proven to be a cutting-edge business structure, taking a basic service and streamlining the process.

It has successfully operated for over forty-five years, proving its longevity and legitimacy.

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