Is Russell Wilson Worth His New Deal?

Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Denver Broncos attends their mandatory mini-camp at UCHealth Training Center on June 13, 2022 in Englewood, Colorado.
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This NFL season is proving to be a cash-in year for star players.

Elite players like Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers, and Tyreek Hill, to name a few, all got mega deals.

Now yet another star player is getting their mega contract deal.

That player is the Denver Broncos star quarterback Russell Wilson.

His new deal keeps him in Denver for five years, and at a hefty price.

However, the Broncos feel he’s worth that money.

But is Wilson really worth $49 million per year, or did Denver make a huge mistake?


Wilson Has A History Of Being A Great Quarterback

Examining Wilson’s past five seasons can shed light on his value.

Packers fans who feel Rodgers is the best QB in the league haven’t seen Wilson’s numbers.

Over his last five seasons, Wilson posted more games with a QBR of 100+ than Rodgers.

To get a QBR of 100 or higher, it requires the QB to be accurate, score points, and make no mistakes.

While Wilson doesn’t have multiple MVP trophies over his last five seasons like Rodgers, he’s shown his elite game play is consistent.

However, last season was a mix bag for the Broncos QB.

Could that previous season from him be what Denver is getting in 2022?


Wilson’s Injury From 2021 Could Raise Questions

The Broncos veteran QB came out swinging in 2021 as his first four games were amazing.

He had 1,044 passing yards and nine touchdowns with zero interceptions in those first four games.

However, an injury against the Los Angeles Rams put his potential MVP run to a halt.

While Dr. Steven Shin said Wilson would return to that “world-class level” of playing, fans saw a different QB.

In his remaining games, he never went above his 69.57 low-point completion percentage before his injury.

He also had three games where he had no touchdowns.

However, he had one game where he showed that elite level playing ability once again.

But it was against the Detroit Lions where he found that success.

So with him unable to reclaim that former glory, is it from that injury or something else?


He Can Return To Former Glory If Others Around Him Excel

The Broncos veteran QB is a tough as nails player whose passion for football is energizing.

He’s a leader and will not let an injury from last year keep him down.

However, for him to succeed and bring the Broncos some wins in Denver, he needs his teammates to excel with him.

The lack of team play in Seattle for the veteran QB prevented him from winning more games than he could.

Even with his great start in 2021, he only won two out of his four starts.

While some blame can do on the Seattle defense in those games, others will blame his offensive line.

If he gets better protection in Denver, he can make that return to his former glory.

Denver already has a solid defense coming into 2022.

So if Wilson’s teammates can protect him, he’ll be worth that contract money the Broncos gave him.

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