Is It Weird For Guys To Wear Headbands? (Explained)


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Headbands have dropped in popularity, but they’re still useful articles of clothing.

When you do see people wearing headbands, however, it’s more common to see women wearing them than men.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean men can’t wear headbands.

If you’re a man considering wearing headbands, you may wonder if it’s weird.


Is It Weird For Guys To Wear Headbands?

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No, it’s not weird for guys to wear headbands.

Headbands are a popular clothing accessory used in the gym.

They’re also commonly used in sports.

While some may think of headbands as being more girl-oriented fashion, that isn’t the case.

Headbands are a practical way to improve your performance in sports and when working out.

Guys can also wear them fashionably if they choose to do so.

Since headbands are unisex, it’s not weird for guys to wear headbands.


5 Reasons Guys Should Wear Headbands

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Headbands don’t always receive the credit they deserve.

They’re also far more than just simple bands of cloth that you wrap around your head.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether you should wear a headband or not, it’s worth knowing some reasons you should wear one.

Here are five reasons guys should consider wearing headbands.


1. Keeps Hair Out Of Your Eyes

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One of the primary purposes of headbands is to hold back your hair.

A common problem that people in sports suffer from is their hair falling into their eyes.

Considering most sports require you to be perceptive, this could prove detrimental to your performance.

For example, if you’re playing football and your hair is in your eyes, you could fail to spot the ball heading your way.

You might miss an opposing player coming in for a tackle.

As a quarterback, you might be unable to accurately measure the distance to a receiver.

If it impacts your performance, it impacts the game.

Wearing a headband, on the other hand, is a great way to keep your hair out of your eyes.

Nothing is obscuring your vision.

Headbands are also helpful when working out.

You might feel some frustration if you’re constantly pushing your hair back away from your face.

Instead of working out, you’re just fixing your hair.

By wearing a headband, you can save yourself time and get a more effective workout.

Even in casual situations, a headband can be a real benefit.

On a windy day, a headband can prevent your hair from falling into your face.

It might even help preserve your hairstyle.

Clearly, the fact that headbands are effective at keeping your hair from your eyes is reason enough for guys to wear headbands.


2. Soaks Up Sweat

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Another reason guys should wear headbands is that they’re an effective way to soak up sweat.

A lot of people wear headbands when they’re working out.

Besides keeping the hair from their face, headbands can also soak up the sweat on your forehead.

One of the first places to become sweaty is your head.

As you burn calories and increase your heart rate, your face turns red and you start to sweat.

Without a headband, your sweat will roll down your head and either soak into your shirt or keep rolling down your body.

Another negative aspect of sweat is that it can get into your eyes.

That can cause your eyes to sting and become irritated.

If you’re trying to lift weights when this is happening, it can be a big distraction.

By wearing a headband, the sweat you produce mostly ends up soaking into the headband, itself.

This can keep your face a bit cleaner while also ensuring your eyes are safe.

It can help make your workout more enjoyable.

The same goes for other situations.

If you’re a nervous sweater, for example, and you tend to sweat at your temples, wearing a fashionable headband could help.

It can remove the sweat before it starts to roll down your face.

Guys should wear headbands because they can help soak up sweat.


3. Can Look Stylish

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There’s no question that headbands have evolved over the years.

Some of the earliest historical use of headbands dates back to Ancient Greece.

In those days, laurel wreaths were headbands that certain prestigious people wore.

The individuals would receive a laurel wreath to wear after completing some great task or achieving some great victory.

Eventually, headbands became a fashion statement.

One of the primary points in time that this trend started to become more popular was in the 1920s.

Flappers would decorate their headbands with peacock feathers, gems, and other ornate decorations.

Over the years, headbands became more simple.

It became more about the material or print used on them.

These days, people buy headbands that match their styles or interests.

For example, some people buy headbands bearing the logo of their sports team or comic book character.

Others buy headbands based on their colors or print.

If it matches an outfit, they might wear it.

As such, guys can increase their style by wearing certain headbands.


4. Can Help You Stay Cool

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Headbands have also evolved and offer a slew of features.

They’re no longer just a simple cloth band that can hold your hair back and keep sweat from pouring down your face.

Some headbands also use wicking technology or have some sort of cooling system designed to help keep you cool.

This is particularly helpful for athletes or those working out.

Headbands that come with wicking technology help reduce the amount of sweat that rolls down your face.

It won’t exactly absorb into the headband, which is ideal since wet headbands can be uncomfortable to wear.

Other headbands have areas where you can insert lukewarm cold packs or use some other sort of technology to help regulate your temperature.

On the field, this is helpful since it can help reduce your fatigue.

In the gym, this is helpful since it can help you work out longer and become even fitter.

Guys should wear headbands because they can help them become better players or achieve their fitness goals faster.


5. Help Headaches

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One of the primary uses of headbands in the early 20th century was to help alleviate headaches.

Doctors would wrap a headband tightly around an individual’s head with the belief that the pressure would help reduce their headache.

The medicine behind headbands has become a bit better.

They’ve evolved to include patches that someone can use to apply cold or warm temperatures to their heads.

Some headbands are even capable of massaging the individual’s head.

The sensation of something rubbing your temples or along your scalp might help reduce your headache or migraine.

Headaches are terrible conditions that can impact the quality of your day.

You might not be able to work as much because of a headache.

It might impact how you respond to friends and family.

Because a headache can reduce the quality of your day, it makes sense to try and alleviate it as quickly as possible.

Some will turn to pills to help reduce the pain.

Those who want to avoid painkillers might find a massaging headband to be a great alternative.

Guys should wear a massaging headband if they want to relieve their headaches.


How To Choose A Headband

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If you’re ready to start wearing headbands, it’s worth noting a few things.

Choosing a headband isn’t as simple as going shopping and buying the first headband that catches your eye.

It’s worth considering a few things to ensure you buy a headband that won’t make you look weird.

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a headband.


1. Consider Color

One of the initial aspects of the headband to consider is its color.

Headbands come in different colors, styles, and patterns.

The last thing you want to do is choose a color that clashes with the rest of your clothes.

While headbands are practical, they’re also fashionable.

It’s worth choosing a color that will go well with your clothes.

You can enjoy all the practical benefits that headbands provide while still looking great.

When choosing a headband, be sure to choose a color that matches the majority of your clothes.

If you want to use a headband exclusively for fashion, choose one or two that match a specific outfit you have in mind.


2. Consider The Width

Another important aspect of the headband to consider is the width.

Headbands come in many different widths.

There are wide headbands, super wide headbands, and narrow headbands as well.

The wider the headband is, the more it covers your forehead and hair.

You’ll often see athletes with wide headbands because it helps absorb more of their sweat and keeps the majority of their hair from falling into their eyes.

Girls often wear wider headbands, too, since they’re fashionable.

Depending on your needs, you might find a wide or narrow headband more appropriate.


3. Wicking Ability

A final aspect of a headband to consider is whether you need it to have a wicking ability or not.

Headbands that do promise wicking technology tend to be more expensive.

These types of headbands are ideal for those who work out a lot or play sports.

It can help keep the headband from becoming too smelly with your sweat.

If you’re just looking to wear a headband fashionably, wicking technology might not be worth it to you.



Headbands serve both practical and fashionable purposes.

As such, it’s not weird for a guy to wear one.

There are even some benefits a guy can enjoy by wearing a headband that fits his needs or style.

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