Is FedEx A Good Job? (10 Reasons It Is)

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FedEx is a popular package carrier that brings packages from warehouses directly to an address.

Considering that FedEx always seems to be hiring, you may wonder if working for the company is a good decision.

As with applying to any company, it’s worth considering the benefits that the company offers to its employees to ensure you’re choosing the best career option.

Working for FedEx is beneficial because of its focus on employee welfare as well as its support of employees’ future retirements.

Here are a few other reasons why FedEx is a good place to work.


Is FedEx A Good Job? (10 Reasons It Is)


1. Healthcare Benefits

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One of the benefits that FedEx provides is healthcare benefits.

Working at FedEx is very physically demanding unless you’re applying for one of their desk jobs.

Otherwise, you’re probably going to be working in a warehouse or in one of the trucks delivering packages.

If you’re in a warehouse or on a truck, then you can expect the job to be pretty exhausting and taxing.

You’re going to be hauling some potentially very heavy packages.

You may not always have help to move those packages or even the equipment to make moving them easier.

You may enhance your fitness level while working at FedEx, but the job also takes its toll.

That’s especially true the older that you get.

To help reduce the chances of injury or wear and tear on your body, FedEx provides health insurance benefits.

It’s part of a group benefits program which means it takes care of 100% of the monthly premiums that you’d pay otherwise.

You basically get free healthcare through the company if you need one of the procedures, surgeries, or services covered by FedEx.

You can, at the very least, expect basic care coverage.

FedEx also provides extended plans to further your coverage.

While you’ll probably have to pay for the extended coverage, you might be able to do so at a discounted rate.

At the very least, working at FedEx ensures that your healthcare costs and medical costs are lower than they would be if you worked elsewhere or weren’t working at all.

The health insurance plan also covers dental care, so you can take care of your oral health as well.

FedEx is a good place to work because it provides healthcare benefits.


2. Tuition Reimbursement

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If you’re looking to work at FedEx temporarily while you attend school, then you may wonder if it is a good monetary decision.

One of the great things about working at FedEx is that they offer tuition reimbursement.

If you’re a package handler, then you qualify for their tuition reimbursement program.

All you need to do is work for 60 days.

After that, you’re able to get reimbursement.

FedEx will pay up to $1,500 each year.

That’s great for those who are attending college part-time or attending community college.

Since some schools have credits valued at $1,500 for a single semester, you can take each class individually without ever going into debt.

While it will take longer to get your bachelor’s degree by taking one class at a time, it also means that you can graduate without being overwhelmed by student loans.

All the while, working at FedEx allows you to earn money to spend on other school-related expenses that the tuition reimbursement program doesn’t cover.

If you do plan to be a full-time student, then that $1,500 can still pay for a class or two each year.

It’s a way to help reduce how much you owe by the time you graduate.

FedEx knows that a lot of its employees only intend to work there for a short time before moving on with their careers.

They want you to choose to stay with them instead of moving on to one of their competitors by helping you pay for your schooling.

Working at FedEx is a good job prospect because it can help pay for your tuition and limit how much you owe in student loans.


3. Paid Time Off

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Another important aspect to consider when choosing a company to work for is how they handle paid time off.

If a company doesn’t support paid time off, then it may not be somewhere you want to work full-time.

FedEx, luckily, has quite a few different leave options that grant you paid time off.

They know how exhausting the job can be for package handlers.

To help ensure workers are able to get the rest that they need, FedEx allows employees to earn paid time off.

One of the best things about how FedEx handles paid time off is that you start earning it the moment that you’re hired.

You don’t have to worry about working a certain number of days or hours before you get your paid time off.

As soon as you start working, you begin to earn paid time off.

This is great because you may accidentally injure yourself just a week into the job.

By then, you may have earned enough time to get yourself a half-day or a complete day off so you can relax and treat the injury.

The longer that you work for FedEx, the more paid time off you accumulate.

That also extends to vacation time.

You can also earn a certain number of paid vacation days.

This is great for people who can’t afford to take a day off.

FedEx ensures you’re still able to feed your family and pay your bills by providing paid time off.

That said, while earning paid time off starts as soon as you get hired, you’re not able to take time off until you’ve worked for six months continuously.

You earn a paid vacation day each 15th day of the month.

This helps you keep track of how many paid vacation days you have to spend.

FedEx is a good company to work for because they support workers through paid leave.


4. Seasonal Employment Benefits

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The busiest time of the year for FedEx is the holiday season.

To help support their regular staff and make good on the promises that they make to their customers, FedEx hires seasonal workers.

If you’re considering working at FedEx, then working as a seasonal employee may be a good way to get a taste of what it’s like.

That said, because the holiday season is its busiest, you may be experiencing FedEx at its worst.

If you can handle the job during that time, then you’ll be able to easily handle it the rest of the year.

Working at FedEx as a seasonal worker has its benefits, too, which is what makes it a great place to work.

Seasonal workers can’t get tuition reimbursement unless they decide to pursue long-term employment.

The good thing about this is that if you start as a seasonal worker and then decide to become a full-time employee, the months that you worked as a seasonal worker count toward your tuition reimbursement.

You don’t need to start over just because you switched from being a seasonal worker to a full-time employee.

Another benefit of working as a seasonal employee is that you also qualify for paid time off.

Even though you’re only there for a few months, you can earn paid time off and take a small vacation during FedEx’s busiest time of the year.

This ensures that even the seasonal workers are able to get a break and enjoy some benefits despite not being full-time employees.

FedEx is a good place to work because they look after their seasonal workers as well as their full-time employees.


5. Holiday Pay

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One problem that some people may have when it comes to working at FedEx is having to work on the holidays.

FedEx has certain delivery services available on almost every holiday.

If you work in the office, then you’ll likely have many of those holidays off.

Those who work in the warehouse or on the truck, however, are likely going to be working on holidays that most people get to spend at home.

If missing holidays with your family isn’t something you want to do, then certain positions at FedEx may not be ideal.

If you don’t mind working on holidays, then you’ll get some benefits.

FedEx gives holiday pay to anyone who works on any of their 11 specified holidays.

That means you usually end up getting paid double what you earn normally if you work on a holiday.

The extra pay helps take the sting out of missing the holiday.

You can end up earning a lot of money by working on a holiday.

You can always celebrate the holiday the day before or after the actual date.

By the time you get paid, you’ll have a sizable paycheck thanks to working on the holiday.

This is ideal for anyone who needs a bit of extra money now and then to cover debts or bills.

It’s also useful for investing or saving for future expenses.

While working on a holiday may not be ideal for those with families, it can be a great way to earn extra money while doing the same thing you normally do at work.

Not every company pays extra on holidays, either.

FedEx is a good place to work because they pay their employees extra to work on holidays.


6. LifeWorks Program

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FedEx knows how easy it can be to become focused solely on work.

If all you focus on is paying bills and earning money, then other aspects of your life might start to suffer.

You may face problems with romantic or friendly relationships.

If you’re working too hard, then you might not have the energy to go out and see friends.

You may not be able to give your romantic partner the attention that they need.

You might get burnt out on work, too.

You may have a difficult time finding the motivation to get to work and perform well.

Your productivity might fall, and you might end up losing your job as a result.

The best way to avoid these consequences is to ensure you have a good work-life balance.

FedEx can help you do that through its LifeWorks Program.

It’s available to all employees the moment that they start working.

The program enables employees to find resources, counseling, or advice as needed.

For example, the program can help you find childcare and adult care centers.

Whether you need a place where your child can safely be while you work or a place for an adult who needs extra care, FedEx can help you find it.

They also offer financial services that can help you manage your money easier and plan for the future.

If you find yourself requiring legal advice, then FedEx can also provide you with the resources that you need.

They even have resources for handling things like mortgages, pregnancies, and your general diet and health.

FedEx wants to help ensure you’re the best you can be.

Not every company has these resources available which means it can be difficult to find the information you need on your own.

FedEx is a good place to work because they help you foster a good work-life balance through their LifeWorks program.


7. Discounts



Another great benefit of working at FedEx is the employee discounts.

If you work at FedEx, you’re able to get a discount on shipping costs.

If you need to ship something to someone, then you can do so at a reduced rate.

This is great for people who tend to send packages to loved ones or friends regularly.

It’s also great if you happen to run a side hustle that requires you to ship products to customers.

You’re able to save money while supporting yourself even further.

There are also a few items in the FedEx Office stores that you can get at a discounted rate.

As part of the LifeWorks program, FedEx also offers discounts on some of the services they provide.

FedEx can help you find certain services or provide certain services to you at cheaper rates.

Working at FedEx is a good job because it helps you save a bit of money through employee discounts.


8. Stock Purchase Plan

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One of the best ways to set yourself up for the future is to invest in stocks.

Although there’s always some risk involved with playing in the stock market, if you make solid choices, you can earn passive income to grow your wealth or help you retire earlier.

FedEx knows how important stocks are to someone’s retirement or plans for wealth.

To help its employees get started with stocks, they offer a stock purchase plan.

Once you’ve worked at FedEx for three months, you’re able to start putting away a certain portion of your paycheck to purchase stocks.

For example, you can purchase FedEx stock.

This type of stock is considered “common.”

That means that it’s unlikely that you’re going to ever own enough stocks to be able to vote on certain company matters.

You won’t become the new owner of FedEx, for example.

However, you are able to earn dividends and start earning money passively whenever FedEx’s stock is trending upwards.

If you want to earn passive income, then this can be a great way to get introduced to stocks and how the system works.

FedEx is a good place to work because they help their employees get involved in the stock market.


9. They Offer Work For The Disabled

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If you’re disabled, then it can be very difficult to find a job.

Since disability payments typically barely cover basic needs, you probably find yourself needing to get a job.

However, the number of employers who support disabled workers is quite small.

FedEx is one of the few employers that does what it can to support disabled workers.

It has several positions that it offers to disabled workers to give them a chance to make a living.

They also develop new systems and procedures to further help the disabled perform their jobs.

If you want to work for a company that looks after the often-forgotten members of society, then FedEx is a good choice.

FedEx is a good place to work because it supports its disabled workers.


10. Retirement Support

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A final reason why FedEx is a good place to work is that they help support you in your retirement.

They have a 401(k) plan available to their employees.

If employees contribute 6% of their paycheck to their 401(k) plan, then FedEx will match that with 8%.

Essentially, FedEx will contribute a good amount of money to your 401(k) plan.

This is great for those who are looking to build up their retirement savings.

Taking advantage of FedEx’s 401(k) plan will allow you to set yourself up for a relaxing and successful retirement.

FedEx is a good place to work because it helps its employees prepare for retirement with its 401(k) plan.



FedEx is a huge corporation that handles the logistics involved with carrying packages.

No matter if you’re a full-time employee or a seasonal employee, you can enjoy many benefits by working for the company.

It’s a good place to work because FedEx takes care of their employees regardless of their tenure with the company.

FedEx is a popular package carrier that brings packages from warehouses directly to an address.

Considering that FedEx always seems to be hiring, you may wonder if working for the company is a good decision.

As with applying to any company, it’s worth considering the benefits that the company offers to its employees to ensure you’re choosing the best career option.

Working for FedEx is beneficial because of its focus on employee welfare as well as its support of employees’ future retirements.

Here are a few other reasons why FedEx is a good place to work.

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