IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card Review – Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-

Annual Fee Waiver

The card gives you the opportunity of getting your Rs. 1,000 annual fee waived off. All you need to do is just spend Rs. 30,000 or more annually and get your annual fee completely waived off. This is a decent benefit that this card offers. If you are a regular commuter, then the amount you need to spend to avail this milestone benefit is easily achievable.

Added Benefits 

Apart from the fuel discounts and reward points, the card also provides some of the additional benefits for your convenience. Below is the list of some of the added advantages you get with this card:

Category  Benefit
Dining Privileges Up to 20% off at over 1,000 restaurants in Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi/ NCR, Mumbai
Shopping Privileges Exclusive discounts and offers across numerous retail stores
Bill Pay Pay all your utility bills online using the Bill Pay facility
EMI Conversion Buy expensive products and pay in easy installments

Is Rs. 1,000 Annual Fee Justified?

We can say that the annual fee is justified if your main objective behind the card is to get value back out of your fuel expenses. Also, if you can spend Rs. 30,000 annually, you can avail this credit card for free, which is counted as an added benefit. For your reference, we have given a list of related fees and charges of the card:

Primary Features Fees / Charge
Annual Fee Rs. 1,000
Extended Credit Charges 3.75% p.m. (45% p.a.)
Overlimit Charges 2.5% of the amount over the credit limit, subject to a minimum of Rs. 500
Cash advance fee 2.5% of the withdrawn amount or a minimum of Rs. 500

Should You Go For This Card? 

Looking for a fuel credit card? Are you a frequent commuter? If the answer is yes, then IndianOil Platinum Credit Card is the right choice for you. For your help, we have laid down a few points considering for whom the card will be an ideal choice. However, if your requirements are different, then you can look for other fuel-specific credit cards available in the market. The card is ideal for you if:

  • You are a frequent fuel purchaser and commute on a daily basis
  • Majority of your fuel purchases are from IndianOil outlets
  • You are ready to pay the annual fee of Rs. 1,000
  • You are not looking for any category-specific credit card

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