Indian Army gets ready for future wars! To adopt AI for crucial ops

Amidst the ongoing standoff between the Indian and Chinese forces along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Indian soldiers will soon be able to decipher Mandarin into English. The Indian Army is also looking at possibilities of deploying new age disruptive technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will help the Indian soldiers in different terrains to deal with threats. For future warfare, it is looking at AI technology which will alert soldiers of mine-laden fields and robots to help in defusing them. Will there be robots fighting wars or replacing the boots on the ground?

“The focus on AI driven technologies is growing and the Indian Army is keen to adopt them as it will help in dealing with the emerging threats in different terrains and hostile weather conditions,” said a senior officer who wished to remain anonymous.

More about Mandarin Translator

A device has been readied by a Bengaluru startup CogKnit which can be used as a Mandarin Translator and Voice recognition. The handheld device can be operated offline, is AI enabled and according to Anuroop Iyengar, Co-founder and MD “It can recognize voices at a distance of 5ft. And it can be very useful during Border Personnel meetings and at times during standoffs. It is a good tool for better communication.”

Adding, “The device has been tested in the forward areas. There has been a lot of assistance from the Indian Army. Work is going on to bring down the current weight of the device from 600 gms to just 200 gms and to also increase its range from the current 5 ft to 15 feet.” And also work is in progress to make it wearable on the wrist, and besides English do conversion in Hindi too for the soldiers to understand.

This along with two others are some of the devices and projects that were unveiled by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi on Monday. In all, 75 new Artificial Intelligence (AI) products/technologies meant for the Indian Armed forces and for Civil use were showcased at the first  ‘AI in Defence’ (AIDef) symposium and exhibition, which was organised by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Autonomous Robot

Designed by the Army Design Bureau, the autonomous robot can be used as a soldier on patrol. It has the capability to identify friend or foe from a distance.

According to Major Paras Kanwar, “This AI robot will store the data for future use and has the ability to be operated from a distance of more than 5 kms with wireless signals.”

He is also part of an AI based offensive weapon project where the Army Design Bureau is creating a device which will help in locating, detecting and firing on the enemy. After clearing all trials, it will be ready for mass production.


The Army is also working towards adopting Trishul. This is an AI-enabled and remotely-operated weapon station and has the capability to direct weapons and fire automatically, detect human movement. It can engage targets at 300 metres with 100 per cent probability of first round hits.

What was unveiled?

Several AI enabled products which included swarm drones, integrated command fusion, remote weapon station, robotic mine detector, intrusion detection system, remote weapon station, rail mounted robot, sensors for under water domain awareness, among others. Simulators/Test Equipment and speech/voice analysis using Natural Language Processing; AI Platform Automation; Autonomous/Unmanned/Robotics systems; Operational Data Analytics; Manufacturing and Maintenance; Intelligent Monitoring Systems; Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Intelligent Monitoring Systems; Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems; Cyber Security; Human Behavioural Analysis;  BlockChain-based Automation; Command, Control, Communication; Computer & Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance;; Intelligent Monitoring Systems; and Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems.

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