Ian Happ Summed Up The Power Of The Game

Ian Happ #8 of the Chicago Cubs walks through the corn stalks prior to the game against the Cincinnati Reds at Field of Dreams on August 11, 2022 in Dyersville, Iowa.
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Players from the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds got to experience something that they’ll never forget.

Last night, the two teams squared off in the annual Field of Dreams game in Dyersville, Iowa, coming out of the corn fields onto the field and generating some magic in a legendary baseball location.

The game was everything we could have asked for as fans, as both teams wore their classic throwback jerseys.

After the game, Ian Happ posted a statement explaining his view on the power of the game of baseball, what the Field of Dreams game meant to him, and what it means to play in the Major Leagues.


Happ Talks About The Power Of Baseball

Happ summed it up.

He hit the nail right on the head.

This is what makes the game of baseball so powerful.

Beyond the wins and great moments, it’s the feeling of the game and what it can do for fans in all walks of life.

Baseball brings out the best in fans, who love the game and see it as a means of bringing people together.

Happ even mentioned the 2016 World Series run the Cubs went on and how fans would show their appreciation for the players who helped bring home the title that broke the Curse of the Billy Goat.

Baseball is more than just a game.

It’s full of passion, love, competition, and truly beautiful moments.

The Field of Dreams Game alone is enough to remind us all what baseball is truly about.

It’s more than just a sport or a game.

For the players, it’s their way of life.

For the fans, it’s a hobby and a tradition, and it means so much more than anybody can imagine.

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