Hudson Mohawk Magazine honors Meghan Marohn

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The search for beloved Shaker High teacher Meghan Marohn came to an end just over a week ago, when her presumed remains were found in a wooded area of the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Marohn had been missing since she went on a hiking trip in Lee on March 27.

After the found remains were identified as Marohn on Monday, the Capital Region was quick to respond. The entire Shaker community was shaken by the news—and so was the staff at Hudson Mohawk Magazine.

Marohn was a producer for the radio news hour, a product of Troy’s Media Sanctuary. There, she produced pages on pages of radio stories, with an emphasis on storytelling along the intersections of art, science, and media.

On Tuesday, September 7, Marohn would have turned 43. In tribute, Hudson Mohawk Magazine made an 11-minute radio special honoring their former producer and friend. Community members—including former students and family—shared memories about the former teacher, remembering her beauty, intelligence, and widespread influence.

Kicking off the program was Marohn’s oldest brother, Peter Naple. “Ever since she was a little baby, I used to call her by my nickname for her, which was Mug,” he began. “Mug, there’s so much I’m going to miss with you not being here. But mostly, I’m going to miss just not hearing your voice, and the discussions we used to have. Wherever you are, I hope you and mom are enjoying the best birthday ever. I love you and everything you brought to me, and this world.”

The messages only got more somber from there on. Shared memories came together to form a unique tribute, but producers didn’t stop there. This Sunday, Hudson Mohawk Magazine will celebrate its 5th anniversary. Nancy Weber, a producer for the radio news hour, will create an altar for Marohn at their planned community celebration.

“The imprint that Meghan left is so large that it is impossible to list every way that she left a mark,” the news program said on Facebook. “We miss her dearly, and send our love to all of you who miss her too.”

The community gathering to commemorate five years of Hudson Mohawk Magazine is scheduled for Sunday, September 11 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The event will be held at The Sanctuary, 3361 6th Ave, in Troy.

If you’d like to contribute to a future radio program about Marohn, you can submit a recording of yourself that’s up to two minutes long. Start with your name, and share your story or memory of her. Recordings can be sent to [email protected].

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