How to secretly view someone’s Instagram Story without letting them know


If you want to view someone’s Instagram Story without letting anyone know, there are a few tricks you can use

How to secretly view someone's Instagram Story without letting anyone know

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Instagram Stories are one of the most popular ways right now to update the world about what’s going on in your life. Be it a short trip to the mountains, or a wedding you attended recently, most of us cannot stop ourselves from posting these tidbits from our daily lives. On the flip side, we cannot stop ourselves from scrolling through the Instagram Stories of people we are following either. But often, you might not wish to draw attention to the fact that you’ve viewed someone’s Instagram Stories. While Instagram does not reveal to others if you have viewed their posts, Stories are a different thing. The photo and video sharing app does inform users about the number of people who have viewed a story.

But what if you want to view someone’s IG Stories without letting anyone know, there are a few tricks you can use. Here’s how to access Instagram Stories while keeping others unaware:

  • Instead of selecting the IG Story you want to actually see, choose the one that is next in line and pause it.
  • Then, tap and drag the paused story to the left slowly. This gives you a glimpse at the desired story.
  • You can peek at the Instagram Story you want while remaining in the middle of both Stories.
  • Be careful that you don’t swipe too quickly as you will be counted among the Story viewers then.

There are also some other ways to view the IG Stories without alerting anyone. One is by installing a specific extension. Here are the steps:

  • Download and install the Chrome extension “Chrome IG Story”.
  • Open Instagram on Chrome and log in.
  • With the help of the extension, you can check all the Instagram Stories you want without being counted as a viewer.

Another method is using airplane mode:

  • First, open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • The IG Stories will load in a few moments.
  • Go to the Settings option and turn on airplane mode.
  • Reopen Instagram to see the Story you wanted to check out.

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