How to Prevent And Repair Gutter Rash


Most car owners at some point in their life would have decorated their wheels with scrapes and scratches when misjudging a corner or did not see an incoming pothole. This terrible incident is what we call, gutter rash. Even a decade ago, most cars had smaller rims and were wrapped with high-profile, cushy rubber.

However, large rim sizes are trending these days in the automotive world and, it means the chances of your car’s rim hitting the gutter are much higher and common. Unfortunately, spotting scratched rims can be spotted without much scrutiny, often revealing a contrast against paint rims like day and night. It is just one of those pain points that cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to selling your car. After all, scratched rims may give off a poor impression about your driving and ultimately how you take care of your car.

Nevertheless, although facing gutter rash is common these days, here are some ways to address the issue so that you can help prevent gutter rash from happening to you.

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