How Old Was Betty White In Golden Girls? (Explained)

Betty White


Betty White is one of the most influential and beloved actresses of all time, due in part to her decades-long career.

Multiple generations have grown up with this actress, with each generation recognizing the multiple stages of White’s career.

Although White has made herself a household name all over the world for countless television shows, she is best known for her role as Rose Nylund on Golden Girls.

Betty White always instilled her true-to-life charm into every character she took on, with Rose being the most iconic of her filmography.


How Old Was Betty White In Golden Girls?

Betty White, Lorax


Betty White was 63 years old when she first appeared as Rose Nylund in Golden Girls, making her 8 years older than her character.

During season 1 of Golden Girls, Dorothy Zbornak states that Rose is 55 years old while she is discussing how she lost her job at the grief counseling center.

Dorothy Zbornak, who is played by Bea Arthur, never has her age explicitly stated during the sitcom, but her mother Sophia Petrillo has given audiences plenty of information to figure out Dorothy’s age.

Sophia states that Dorothy was conceived in 1931 during the 3rd season of Golden Girls, and Dorothy states that she’s a Leo in the following season.

That means Dorothy Zbornak was 53 years old when the show started in 1985, making Bea Arthur 10 years older than her character.

Sophia Petrillo was 79 years old during the first season of Golden Girls, which wasn’t revealed until season 2 when the show had a flashback scene back to Sophia’s 50th birthday in 1956.

Although Estelle Getty played the oldest character, she was a year younger than Betty White and Bea Arthur.

Blanche Devereaux is the youngest character in the Golden Girls cast at 53 years old and the actress playing her, Rue McClanahan, was the youngest cast member at 52 years old.

This also made her the actress with the closest age to their character.

A running joke in Golden Girls is the lengths that Blanche has gone to keep her age a secret, causing Rose to go through government files to discover the truth.

Rather than finding out her friend’s real age, Rose finds that Blanche’s age has been “deleted by Authority of the Governor.”

Golden Girls offered a unique take on comedy and the lives of older women, drawing in fans of all ages for generations.


How Old Was Betty White When She Started Acting?

Actress Betty White attends the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's (GLAZA) 44th Annual Beastly Ball at Los Angeles Zoo on June 14, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
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Betty White was only 27 years old when she first began appearing on television regularly in 1949.

Before White made her way to television, she was already making waves in the entertainment industry through her radio show appearances.

White first entered the world of entertainment shortly after graduating from high school, eventually leading to the creation of The Betty White Show.

By 1949, Betty White had become the co-host for the popular daily variety show Hollywood on Television alongside Al Jarvis.

Jarvis left the variety show in 1952, leading White to host the show by herself.

For 4 years straight, White would have to ad-lib for 5.5 hours on live television 6 days per week.

As White was hosting Hollywood on Television, she began acting and producing Life With Elizabeth.

This made White one of the few women in Hollywood to have a high level of control both behind and in front of the camera.

During the 1970s, Betty White expanded her comedic portfolio on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Although White isn’t the main star of the show, her work on the sitcom is considered to be some of her best work.

In 1983, White became the first woman to ever win a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of outstanding game show host for her NBC game show Just Men! By the time Betty White joined the cast of Golden Girls in 1985, she had been on television for over 4 decades.

Golden Girls aired from 1985 until 1992, becoming the most iconic role in White’s entire career.

Originally, White was offered the role of Blanche Devereaux, but White knew that she needed the role of Rose Nylund instead.

For 72 years, Betty White entertained fans from across the world and bridged the gap between generations of fans.


How Many Dogs Did Betty White Have?

Actress Betty White attends the opening of Pink's Hot Dogs and the unveiling of the Betty White "Naked" Hot Dog at Pink's Universal CityWalk on April 19, 2010 in Universal City, California.
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Betty White had 26 dogs at one point during her childhood, but White only had one dog at the time of her passing.

Pontiac the golden retriever survived his legendary owner, who had raised him from the time he was a puppy.

White is one of the most famous animal lovers of all time, with her love of dogs being abundantly clear from the number of dogs she has had over the decades.

This beloved actress first began devoting her time to animal safety and rescue during the 1940s and had been working alongside the Los Angeles Zoo as far back as 1966.

Betty White once described why she loved animals so much by writing:

“Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.”

White’s love of dogs helped her to become incredibly knowledgeable about dogs and allowed her to take on a variety of different dogs.

Although White would often clarify that she was no canine expert, she would often give pet advice based on what she experienced as a pet owner.

Over the years, Betty White owned a Pekingese named Bandy, a miniature poodle named Danny, and a Saint Bernard named Stormy.

White often encouraged parents to get their children dogs and to consider adopting a mixed-breed dog, which was uncommon at the time.

When the legendary entertainer passed away at 99 years old, fans of the actress began fueling their grief over losing White into helping one of her favorite causes.

The “#BettyWhiteChallenge” spread across social media like wildfire, with people donating and supporting their favorite animal rescues.

Animal rescues and shelters around the world got a massive boost in donations, despite the tragedy of her death.


Why Is Betty White Called “The First Lady of Television”?

Betty White arrives for an evening with Betty White held at Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on May 10, 2012 in North Hollywood, California.
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Betty White is called “the First Lady of Television” because she was a trailblazer for actresses and women in the film industry, including holding the title of the first woman to produce a national television show.

White was also the first actress to star in a sitcom and the first producer to hire a female director.

This iconic American actress was pushing the boundaries for women in the entertainment industry before she even reached television.

She is also considered to be one of the first female television hosts in American history.

In 1951, White was nominated for the Emmy Award for Best Actress on Television.

This was the first award and category that was designated for women in the film industry.

Only a decade into her career, Betty White was so popular that she appeared in the 1955 Christmas Parade in Los Angeles, where she sat in the back of a convertible Chevrolet.

By 1963, White became the host of the Tournament of Roses and remained the event’s host for 20 years.

In 1966, Betty White had become such a major American icon that she began hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade alongside Lorne Greene.

By the time White appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show during the 1970s, she had earned an additional 2 Emmy Award nominations.

When White began appearing on Golden Girls in 1985, her fame and popularity were rejuvenated.

Despite White being an actress who started her career in the 1940s, her undeniable charm could bring in fans of every age.

Luckily, Betty White was able to see Golden Girls get another burst of popularity when it was added to streaming services like Hulu.

Although most viewers were rewatching the series, younger generations were able to enjoy Golden Girls in its entirety for the first time.


How Many Times Was Betty White Married?

Actress Betty White attends Betty "White Out" Tour with the Lifeline Program at the Los Angeles Zoo on December 11, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
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Betty White was married 3 times over the course of her life, with her third marriage being one of the most well-known love stories in Hollywood.

White was married to Dick Barker, Lane Allan, and the love of her life, Allen Ludden.

Dick Barker was a chicken farmer from Ohio who worked as an Army pilot during World War II.

They were married in 1945, but White found that the rural life wasn’t what she wanted, and the couple was divorced within the same year.

2 years later, White married Toronto-native actor and casting director Lane Allan.

Allan was best known for his work in Gemini Man, Project U.F.O., and New Wine.

In 1949, Betty White and Lane Allen divorced.

Later that same year, White’s career reached a new high as the co-host of Hollywood on Television.

White first met Allen Ludden when she was a celebrity guest on Ludden’s New York-based game show Password in 1961.

Shortly after meeting Ludden, White was deeply in love with him despite her hesitancy to marry him.

Allen Ludden had to propose to Betty White 3 times before she finally agreed to marry him.

The pair were married at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in June of 1963 and would go on to enjoy 18 years of marriage together.

Sadly, this perfect pair was torn apart when Ludden passed away from stomach cancer in 1981.

Although she had plenty of suitors after becoming a widow, Betty White was no longer interested in anyone else romantically.

White has been quoted as saying “Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?”.

According to White’s assistant, who was with the legendary actress as she passed, the very last word out of her mouth was simply “Allen.”


How Many Emmy Awards Did Betty White Win?

Betty White (L) and Kate McKinnon speak onstage during the 70th Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
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Betty White won 7 Emmy Awards over the course of her long and legendary career.

She also received the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995.

Betty White wouldn’t earn her first Emmy Award until 1975 when she was nominated for a supporting role on the 1970s sitcom.

Only a year later, she earned another Emmy Award for her work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

White earned Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series twice during her time on the show.

When The Mary Tyler Moore Show was canceled, White was given the time slot for The Betty White Show in 1977.

Only a year after Golden Girls began airing on television, Betty White earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 1986.

She’d be nominated for the same award consistently from 1987 until the series ended in 1992.

In 1995, Betty White was inducted into the Hall of Fame as an Honoree.

The same year, the sitcom Frasier was also inducted into the Emmy Awards Hall of Fame.

White was given the Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, which she had earned after appearing on The John Larroquette Show.

She would later be nominated for the same award in 1997 and 2003 for her roles as Midge Haber on Suddenly Susan and Sylvia on Yes, Dear.

Betty White was given her last Emmy Award in 2010 when she won Outstanding Guest Actress on a Comedy Series for the episode of Saturday Night Live she hosted.

The following year, White was nominated for her role as Elka Ostrosky on Hot in Cleveland.

Her final Emmy Award nominations were for Outstanding Host For a Reality or Reality-Competition Program in 2012, 2013, and 2014.


Were Betty White And Sandra Bullock Actually Friends?

Sandra Bullock


Yes, Betty White and Sandra Bullock were friends thanks to all the time they spent on set together.

The pair of actresses first came together on the set of the 2009 film The Proposal, where White took on the role of Ryan Reynold’s character’s grandmother.

Part of the reason Bullock and White were able to so quickly form a friendship was because of their similar personalities.

Both actresses are women who live honestly and wear their hearts on their sleeves, with neither of them taking themselves very seriously.

As “the First Lady of Television”, Betty White had plenty to teach Sandra Bullock and was eager to help the young actress thrive.

White taught Bullock about comedy, timing, and the importance of staying in power over the entire course of her career.

After filming, the pair had grown so close that Bullock would take her children to have lunch or dinner with White.

When White was feeling up to going out in public, the pair would rent out the back room of restaurants.

Sandra Bullock was inspired by the level of gratitude that Betty White had and the long-standing passion she still had for her late husband.

Bullock was grateful for the lessons in both life and love that the legendary actress gave her frequently.

White would often talk about her late husband Allen Ludden with Bullock, which is something that Bullock loved hearing about.

Although it was crushing to hear about the times with Ludden towards the end of his life, Bullock loved hearing the commitment White and Ludden had to one another.

According to Sandra Bullock, her friendship with Betty White completely changed her outlook on life.

She immediately knew that she wanted to be everything that White was for her, someone to share treasured memories with unabashedly.


What Was Betty White’s Last Movie?

Popcorn and movie clapper board


Betty White’s last movie was Trouble, also known as Dog Gone Trouble on Netflix.

White plays the wealthy Mrs. Sarah Vanderwhoozie who dies at the very beginning of the movie, leaving behind audio recordings for her relatives to find and decipher.

The film follows the story of Trouble, the heir to Sarah Vanderwhoozie’s fortune who must now figure out how to go from living the pampered life to living the life of a normal dog, all while trying to avoid his late owner’s greedy children and their antics.

White wasn’t the only superstar cast member, being joined by a variety of different celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Caesar Millan, Jim Cummings, Jason Mraz, Lucy Hale, and Big Sean.

Although Trouble was Betty White’s last film, it wasn’t her first-time voice acting.

White voiced herself in The Simpsonsepisodes Homerazzi and Missionary: Impossible.

She also voiced herself on the Family Guy episode Peterotica.

White began to voice Beatrice in Spongebob Squarepants, adding to the series’ long history of famous guest voices.

This legendary actress even lent her voice to the cast of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy in 2003 as Mrs. Doolin.

From 2010 until 2013, Betty White voiced Agatha McLeish in the children’s show Pound Puppies.

In 2012, White starred as Grammy Norma in Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

White voiced Yoshie from Studio Ghibli’s English dub of Ponyo and voiced Bitey White in Disney’s Toy Story 4 in 2019.

Bitey White was brought back for the television short series based around Toy Story 4 called Forky Asks a Question, where Forky asked Bitey White “What is love?”.


Leaving A Legacy Of Sweetness

Shelley Jensen and Betty White


Few actresses are known for being just as sweet as they seem on television, but Betty White makes being kind look easy.

Whenever White wasn’t working, she was looking for ways to help out those who couldn’t help themselves.

White proves that one of the best things a person can be is genuine and grateful.

Even long after her death, Betty White will be missed dearly by her fans and those who knew her personally.

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