Governor Hochul addresses abortion rights in one-on-one interview



ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Governor Kathy Hochul is leading an effort to expand abortion access across the state and the country. This is in response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision to legalize abortion.

The Hochul administration approved $10 million dollars to help 63 abortion sites in New York deal with the increased number of patients from out of state. And in an exclusive interview with NEWS10 capitol correspondent Jamie Deline, she spelled out her plans to help democratic governors who are up for reelection.

“We thought we had a responsibility to help these other candidates,” said Hochul. She started a fund with the Democratic Governor’s Association to help candidates in nine states so they can restore or protect a woman’s right to an abortion.

In the exclusive interview, Governor Hochul shares an idea she brought up to President Joe Biden about using federal buildings for abortion services.

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