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Google’s plans for its hardware division and how it progresses over the next couple of years somehow got leaked earlier this week.

Google wants its Pixel lineup to resemble Apple’s iPhone lineup by the end of 2025

Google’s roadmap for it Pixel lineup which got leaked accidentally, shows that the company wants its Pixel lineup to mimic what Apple has done with their iPhone lineup. Image Credit: Google

From the plan, the one thing that was abundantly clear is that Google wants its Pixel lineup to resemble Apple’s iPhone lineup, and plans to achieve this by 2025.

The Pixel Lineup for 2023
Google will have the same sort of a lineup in 2023, as they had in 2022. First, we will get to see the more budget-oriented version of the Pixel 7 series, called the Pixel 7a, codenamed Lynx.

The flagship series will have the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro, codenamed Shiba and Husky respectively. We are also likely to see the much anticipated foldable smartphone from Google, called the Pixel Fold. We are also likely to see the revival of the Pixel Tablet, with a pro version as well.

According to Android Authority, the Pixel 8 “will have a smaller display and overall smaller form factor,” while the Pixel 8 Pro remains the same.

The Pixel Lineup for 2024
This is the year in which we will see Google mixing things up. The Google Pixel 8a would have a $499 price tag as part of a $50 pricing hike. Given how much might change with the landscape between now and then, it is preferable to think of it as a target rather than a commitment. Also, whether Google launch the Pixel 8a under that name will depend on how well the Pixel 7a performs. 

Other than the Pixel 8a, we will also see a Pixel 9 and two different Pixel 9 Pros, one with a 6.3-inch display, and one with a 6.7-inch display. This will be Google’s return to the Pixel XL model, under which, the launched two flagship devices, with the same specs and performance, but only differing in screen size. Other specifications of the Pixel 9 Pros should be the same. We should also see the second iteration of the Pixel Fold this year.

The Pixel Lineup for 2024
A flip-style smartphone, like the Galaxy Z Flip, sounds a little more certain according to this 2025 roadmap leak, even though Google may be hesitant on a follow-up to the 2023 Pixel Fold. In light of this, Google is considering a different tactic to imitate the 10 Pro series using merely a smaller and bigger version of the Pixel 10. The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus (which reportedly isn’t selling that well), iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max would all be perfectly compatible with this.

Google made clear that it wanted a “Collection” of gadgets with the Pixel Watch and forthcoming Tablet.

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