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Although the Apple Watch Series 7 was one of the best-selling wearables that Apple has ever made, it lacked some features that Apple had initially planned to add to the watch. Most of these features will be found in the most anticipated wearable device of this year, the Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple Watch Series 8 From features to possible pricing, here’s everything we know so far

Rumours suggest that apart from a ton of newly added features the Apple Watch Series 8 will also have a newly designed case and a fresh design language. Although there is no clarity of when the upcoming wearable device from Apple will be launched, in all likelihood, it will be unveiled along with the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup.

We take a look at everything that we know about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple Watch Series 8: The lineup
While there will be the main lineup of the Apple Watch Series 8, rumours suggest that there will be one or two more watches from Apple that will have basically the same specs and everything, but a few key and new features removed. Think of them as a minor upgrade to the current Apple Watch Series 7.

This lighter version may be called the Apple Watch SE. There is also a possibility that Apple takes a cue from Samsung, and comes up with a more robust and tougher watch, called the Apple Watch Explorer.

Apple Watch Series 8: A new design
While the basic design will be similar to the current generation of watches, there will be a few minor tweaks if the leaks and digital renders circulating online are anything to go by. The biggest change in design that many people believe Apple will implement is to go for flat sides instead of a curved one. The display too is likely to get flatter.

Apple Watch Series 8: Size
Based on Apple’s last couple of releases it seems likely that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be available in 41mm and 45mm dials. With that being said, display analyst Ross Young has revealed that there is a great possibility that a third size, one that sits between 41mm and 45mm options could be made available this year.

Apple Watch Series 8: Chip and connectivity
Don’t expect the chip powering Apple Watch Series 8 to be phenomenally powerful and a major leap forward compared to the S7 SoC, but a speed bump is likely. Apple didn’t make a big performance leap with Apple Watch Series 7 compared to Apple Watch Series 6.  Also, there is a very good possibility that Apple relaunches the S7 as the S8 SoC with some tweaks that would improve the performance.

We can safely expect Apple to offer its next watch in both GPS and Cellular options, as has been the case in previous years.

Apple Watch Series 8 From features to possible pricing, here’s everything we know so far

Apple Watch Series 8: Features
As always Apple will be focusing on health. There might be a new temperature sensor being added in 2022. Reports have also suggested that car crash detection could come to a future Apple Watch and iPhone and potentially to the Apple Watch Series 8 and iPhone 14 as well.

Apple also wanted to add sleep apnea tracking and detection to the Apple Watch Series 8, so there’s also a strong possibility that it may be included as a feature.

Mark Gruman, an expert on all things Apple has stated that future iPhones may get satellite connectivity and basically will be able to function as a satellite phone. The Apple Watch Series 8 is also said to have this feature, but we wouldn’t bet on that. If they do implement this feature though, wearers will be able to send short emergency texts when out of cell tower reach.

Apple Watch Series 8: Pricing and availability.
Well, this is where things get a little dicey. As we said in all likelihood, Apple will reveal the Watch Series 8 along with the iPhone 14, but their priority will obviously be the iPhone 14 when it comes to shipping the products out to customers. 

Additionally, given that Apple, like most other tech companies, will continue to face chip shortages and logistical issues, it is impossible to point out a date on which the Apple Watch Series 8 is available to customers.

As for the pricing, if the company sticks with Apple Watch Series 7 pricing, expect the 41mm Apple Watch Series 8 to start at $399 for the 41mm and $429 for the 45mm and increase from there, depending on bands and case options.

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