Father’s Day: Gift your father a secured life in his golden days

A father is considered as the backbone of a family, who toils to earn money to meet financial requirements and fulfill the dreams of his family members by sacrificing even his own dreams many times. While mothers directly take care of the family members, fathers silently do their duties to ensure smooth functioning of households.

Whatever we have become today is the result of the relentless efforts by our parents. So, we are heavily indebted to them.

One can’t repay the debt of his/her parents. But on this Fathers’ Day, you may at least express your gratitude towards your father and make efforts to make his life secure during the golden days after his retirement.

While you have many options to say thanks to your father during this special day, instead of gifting flowers, chocolate or any other short-term gifts, you may choose one that provides long-term benefits – like a financial gift.

Vikas Singhania, CEO, TradeSmart lists some of the financial gifts to consider for your father on this Father’s Day:

Financial Security

For a father who is either retired or approaching retirement after a life spent meeting his professional commitment and providing for his family’s needs the best gift that one can give is financial security for his old age.

Security in terms of having a cash flow after his retirement to cater to his needs, and funds to meet his health requirement.


Investment in a fixed deposit and a regular SIP will give him the comfort that he has some money to fall back on after his income stream dries up post-retirement.


Health insurance to provide for hospitalisation covering all major ailments is another umbrella that he will need in his golden days.


The cherry on the top will be a timeshare holiday package where he can go to all the destinations that he dreamt of during his working days but never found the time or resources to reach them.

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