Farm Bureau wants to continue Nourish New York program


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York State Farm Bureau is outlining its priorities for the year.

The Farm Bureau said many farms are struggling financially as they deal with rising costs because of inflation, higher minimum wages, and the gradual lowering of the overtime threshold, which starts in 2024. They are also pushing for continued funding of the Nourish New York program, which sends surplus products to food banks around the state.

“And we still continue to have food insecure communities in the state, and farmers are still very willing to engage in that program,” NYS Farm Bureau Public Policy Dir. Jeff Williams said. “It’s a great match between farmers and food insecure people.”

The state helps pay farmers for the food they provide to food banks. Gov. Kathy Hochul indicated in her first State of the State address that she wants the program to continue.

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