Ex-NFL player bags huge mountain lion




DENVER (KDVR) — A former Denver Broncos player is getting a lot of attention on social media after he killed a huge mountain lion and posted a picture to prove it. Derek Wolfe, the former Broncos defensive lineman who was part of the Super Bowl 50 team, posted the photo Thursday afternoon.

Man holds up a dead mountain lion almost as big as him in the snowy mountains
Derek Wolfe with his mountain lion kill (Credit: Alex Nestor)

The photo shows Wolfe, who stands 6 feet 5 inches tall, holding up the massive cougar, which looks just about his size. Wolfe said the hunt for the mountain lion started on Tuesday.

According to Wolfe, a hunting guide he knew heard that the lion was attacking family dogs and hiding under a deck in the small Park County town of Grant. The guide and Wolfe set out and tracked the cat up and down a mountain, Wolfe said.

Then, Wolfe said, he use a bow and arrow to shoot down the male cat. Then he had to carry the huge animal back to his truck.

It is legal to hunt mountain lions in Colorado, though there are a lot of rules that go with it, including the hunter contacting the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office after a kill and giving their name, Customer Identification Number, date and unit of the kill, and sex of the lion. NEWS10’s local sisters station checked with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and was told that Wolfe followed all of them.

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