EV sector witnesses 108% average employee growth, says survey


With the Indian electric vehicle (EV) industry shifting gears to the fast lane, there has been a significant growth in employment in the sector. The average growth in employee numbers stands at a whopping 108%, over the last two years, according to a study.

Staffing and recruitment agency CIEL HR Services found in its latest survey that in the short term, for one year and six months, the growth was at 35% and 13%, respectively. It also said there has been accelerated advancement of women into leadership positions.

Bengaluru leads in EV talent, with 62% of job postings in this region, followed by 12% in Delhi, 9% in Pune, 6% in Coimbatore and 3% in Chennai.

The survey, titled ‘Latest employment trends in EV sector 2022’, was conducted on an employee base of 15,700 spread over 52 companies. It revealed that the engineering function dominates the EV sector, followed by operation, sales, quality assurance, business development, IT, HR and marketing.

The ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship has estimated that the EV industry will create one crore direct jobs by 2030, which will lead to close to five crore indirect jobs.

Leading EV players have hired 2,236 employees over the last six months. Women are climbing their way up in the segment. Companies like Kinetic Green, Mahindra Electric Mobility, Convergence Energy Services, OBEN Electric Vehicle and Ampere Vehicles have women in top management positions. Ola’s new e-scooter factory in Tamil Nadu is run entirely by women, and more than 10,000 of them at full-scale, it said.

Aditya Narayan Mishra, CEO, CIEL HR, said, “India is investing highly in the electric mobility shift. If it sustains this green momentum, the Indian EV segment will be a $206 billion opportunity by 2030. With this rapid growth, there is high scope for engineering domains in the industry. We have always been working towards understanding hiring strategies, employer demands and workplace trends across different industries from across India. The insights from the study will help companies in strategic decision-making related to the talent ecosystem.”

EV manufacturers are making strategic mid-level recruitments. Around 41% of the job postings are for associate level, followed by mid-senior level at 34%, while only 21% are at the entry level. Auto industry is likely to largely require in-person physical presence, only 12% of the jobs in this sector expected to continue remotely and 8% in the hybrid mode, it said.

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