Egg prices remain high at many grocery stores


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Egg prices have soared 60 percent in a year, according to data from the Consumer Price Index. While a downward trend in cost is expected soon, they remain higher than some may be willing to pay at many stores. A local organic supermarket in Albany, however, has been able to avoid hiking prices.

Experts say the avian flu outbreak that came into play early last year is to blame for the sticker shock. The virus killed off tens of millions of egg-laying hens by the end of 2022.

When checking out the price of a dozen eggs Tuesday at two local supermarket chains, most of them hover around $5 to $7, with free range and organic expectedly leaning toward the pricier end.

That doesn’t include the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany.

“The lowest that we go is $3.69 for the Cornell large eggs,” said Shelby Taylor, the cheese and specialty department manager at the store. “We go all the way up to about $7.99.”

Those prices have pretty much stayed the same despite the bird flu. According to Taylor, this is because of the store’s ability to avoid big supply chains.

“Most of our eggs come from local farmers. They own their own land, they have their own flocks of chickens, and they do their own transportation,” she said, “so they’re able to keep their costs low since they’re the ones who do most of the work.”

She added that farms with smaller flocks are able to keep viruses at bay more easily. The Co-op encourages you to visit a local farm to buy their eggs directly if you can’t make it to the store.

“When you’re buying local, you are giving into the local economy. You know who you’re giving your money to. For example, we have eggs from Schoharie. I see the guy every week who delivers them,” she said.

Looking at the bigger picture – food inflation in the past year was greater than overall inflation rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, in recent remarks he made about the economy, President Biden said food inflation is slowing.

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