Driver reacts after Glenville bridge strike

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Canadian driver is the latest to strike the infamous Glenridge Road Rail Bridge, hitting the low clearance bridge while traveling westbound Friday morning. The strike tore the top of the trailer off the truck, while the cab was able to get through to the other side.

“I was coming downhill and there was a motorhome in front of me and I couldn’t stop. He pulled over right before the bridge, then only I saw the bridge and I did a hard brake, but I couldn’t stop,” said Adjidh Paul, the driver, who works for a Montreal-based company.

He says the motorhome traveling ahead of him, which was able to pull into the recently completed DOT turnaround, also blocked his view of the several signs warning of the low clearance ahead.

“Hitting the bridge was the only thing I could do, otherwise I could’ve gone through the ditch or something,” he explained.

But Glenville town officials, who have dealt with constant bridge strikes at that location, dispute that claim, “All 12 of the signs? I have a hard time believing that,” Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle said.

Friday’s strike leaving another visible scar on the bridge that’s been hit countless times, “It was quite a hit. Thankfully no one got hurt. Again, we’re able to say that, but the day’s coming where we’re not going to be able to say that,” said Koetzle.

In addition to the turnarounds recently completed by the DOT for westbound traffic, the DOT is also planning on installing detection systems on both sides of the bridge that would alert an overheight truck with an electronic message.

“That laser beam is what’s going to work to call the attention to the driver and then allow them to use the turnaround,” Koetzle said.

According to the DOT, a design of the system is expected to be finalized at some point this summer, with hopes of beginning construction next year.

Koetzle believes this is the first significant westbound bridge strike to happen since the turnarounds were finished last month.

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