Does Walgreens Make Keys? (2022 Updated)

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Keys keep us safe by preventing strangers from entering our homes.

However, sometimes you want more people to have access to your house!

Whether you moved into a new place or have a new partner that needs access to your house, getting a key made is a part of life.

If you are looking for a convenient option to have a key made, you might find yourself wondering if Walgreens makes keys.


Does Walgreens Make Keys?

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No, Walgreens does not make keys at any of its locations.

This includes key duplication.

Walgreens does not offer any key-related services.

However, other similar stores offer key services, such as Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware.

When locating a place to get your key created, it is important to know what kind of key you are searching for.

While many common stores can make house keys easily, car keys are more complex to make.


Where Can I Get My House Key Duplicated?

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There are many stores where you can get your house key duplicated! Here are some common options.


1. Home Depot

Home improvement stores are one of the best places to get a key duplicated because they typically offer the lowest prices.

Despite its name, Home Depot doesn’t limit its key-making services to home keys.

They also duplicate automotive keys!

Though the vast majority of Home Depot stores offer these key services, a few do not.

You should call ahead if you want to make sure the key services are offered at your location.


2. Lowes

Another great home-improvement store that offers key services is Lowes.

Like Home Depot, Lowes has locations all across the U.S.

You should be able to find either a Lowes or a Home Depot near you.


3. Ace Hardware

This is a widespread option, but it isn’t quite as common as Home Depot or Lowes.

Ace Hardware can also make auto keys, as well as keys for brass doors.

Most Ace Hardware stores will offer these key services, but you can always call ahead to your location to double-check before heading in.


4. Rite-Aid

Ride-Aid is similar to Walgreens, however, they do offer key-making services!

They also aren’t limited to duplications.

If you have duplicated your key at Rite-Aid in the past and opted to save the design, you can make another copy using just your fingerprint scan.

This means if you lose your only key, you can prevent having your locks changed by printing a new one at Rite-Aid.


5. Walmart

Walmart is another store that can be found in most cities in the U.S.

hey provide everything from groceries to oil changes, so it’s no surprise that they also offer key duplication services!

Many Walmarts have a self-service kiosk where you can duplicate your key.

If this seems intimidating or confusing, don’t hesitate to ask a Walmart employee for help.


6. Kroger

Kroger is a huge grocery store chain that has locations all across the U.S.

Many Kroger stores have key-cutting kiosks.

Not all locations are going to offer key services, so it is best to call ahead or check online before heading in to duplicate your key.

One of the great things about duplicating your key at Kroger is that you can also do your weekly grocery shopping.

This is a great way to get two chores done at once!


7. Safeway

If you don’t have a Kroger near you, you might be able to get a key made at your local Safeway.

This is another popular grocery store that has many locations across the nation.

One of the great things about Safeway is that they also offer the option to store your key design like Rite-Aid.

This means that if you lose your key in the future you can have a copy made using just your fingerprint!

Like Kroger, Safeway is a grocery store, so you could get some shopping done while duplicating your key.

Since not every location will offer key-making services, this is another situation where you might want to call ahead.


Where Can I Get My Car Key Duplicated?

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Many of the stores that duplicate house keys are also able to duplicate car keys.

It is best to call ahead to make sure they can provide car key duplication.

Also, make sure to tell them what kind of key you have.

A traditional mechanical key will be easier to duplicate than a smart key, for example.

Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware are all options where you can get your car key duplicated.

One of the best options when it comes to getting your auto key duplicated is to go to an automotive store.

However, even at an automotive store, not all car key types will be able to be duplicated.

Smart keys almost always have to be duplicated at the car’s dealership.

You can call ahead to the automotive store to check if they can duplicate your car key.

Some of the common automotive stores that offer key duplication include the following:


1. Advanced Auto Parts

Advanced Auto Parts is an auto shop with locations all across the U.S.

They can copy some types of auto keys.


2. Napa Auto Parts

Napa Auto Parts is another large automotive store with locations across the U.S.

They can make a copy of many different types of car keys.


3. O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a huge automotive store brand that offers key cutting services.

Many of them offer self-service kiosk

They are known to be less expensive than their competitor, Napa Auto Parts.


How Much Does It Cost To Duplicate A House Key?

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The cost to duplicate a basic house key is going to be somewhere between $1 to $5.

The cheapest place to get a basic house key made is usually hardware and home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot.


How Long Does It Take to Duplicate A House Key?

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It usually takes minutes to get a house key duplicated if the store can make one on the spot.


Why Does My House Key Say “Do Not Duplicate?”

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If you are renting a house or apartment, sometimes you will receive a key that says “do not duplicate.”

This is common in certain types of housing, such as student housing.

The reason for this is that your landlord wants to limit the number of people who have access to your apartment, and they want to make sure they can keep the locks the same when you move out.

If you duplicate your house key and give it to various friends and partners but only return the original when you move out, your landlord would have to replace the locks entirely to insure the house is secure for the next tenant.

If you need an extra key and your key says “do not duplicate”, you will have to contact your landlord.

Explain your situation and hopefully, they will agree to give you an additional key.


How Can I Get A New Key Made If I Lost My Key?

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If you lost your only key, it will be a different process than getting a key duplicated.


1. Lost Car Keys

If you lose your car keys and need a new one made, it is best to call a locksmith.

Not only can they unlock the car, but if you have a traditional car key, they can typically make another key on the spot.

Make sure you tell the locksmith that you want a new key made before they come out to the car so they can bring the proper tools.

In some cases (such as rare or old cars) a locksmith might not be able to make a new key.

It is best practice to let the locksmith know what kind of car you have when calling to make sure they are equipped to unlock your vehicle and make a new key.

If you have a transponder key, you will need to have the vehicle towed to the nearest dealership and present your proof of ownership.

The dealer can then make you a new key.

It will not be possible for a locksmith to make you the key.

This can make a lost transponder key quite expensive! A replacement transponder key will typically cost somewhere between $200-$500.

If you lose your smart key, it is going to be the same process as the transponder key.

You will need to tow to the nearest dealership and have them make a key for you.


2. Lost House Keys

If you have lost your house keys, you will typically need to have the locks replaced to make sure your house remains secure.

A less-expensive option is to re-key your house.

Re-keying your house means that the locksmith will change the pins inside of the lock so that the old key will no longer work.

The locksmith will then give you a new key to your locks.

If you have to replace or re-key your locks, don’t forget to make a copy of your new key and distribute them to everyone in the household and any other individuals that need access to your house!

The last thing you want is to get a call from your maid or dog-walker that they are locked out of your house and unable to do their job!

Before you call a locksmith, you might also want to reach out to people who have a spare key.

If you aren’t concerned about changing your locks for security and have a neighbor with a key to your house, you can simply duplicate that key.

It can save you a lot of money compared to calling a locksmith!


I’m Always Losing My Keys. What Should I Do?

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If you are constantly losing your keys, you might benefit from a keyless lock system.

Nowadays you can easily get a keypad system installed on your door.

You can change the code as often as you want, which can make it a more secure option than a key, especially if you frequently give people access to your house.

This will solve your problem of frequently losing your key.

If you frequently lose your car key, it can be good to attach a locator device to it.

One common locator device is the Apple Air tag.

By adding an air tag to your keys, you will be able to easily find them when you lose them.

This is an especially good option if you have a key that is highly expensive and difficult to duplicate or replace, such as a smart key.

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