Does Walgreens Do Curbside Pickup? (2022 Updated)

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, more and more grocery stores, drug stores, and pharmacies are offering curbside pickup.

It’s convenient and time-efficient for customers and shoppers, as this service allows them to stay in their cars, cutting down on time and energy.

It’s almost much safer and healthier, reducing shopper and employee interaction and physical contact as much as possible.


Does Walgreens Do Curbside Pickup?



Yes, Walgreens offers curbside pickup.

Shoppers do not even have to get out of their cars.

You can then pick up your order in as little as 30 minutes.

Curbside pickup is just one of a few ways Walgreens has updated and improved its shopper experience.

Their pickup service makes it easy to shop at your local store online at or with the Walgreens App.



How Does Curbside Pickup Work?

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Using the Walgreens App or by going to, choose the Walgreens store you want to pick up from and shop online by adding items to your cart.

When you are ready to checkout, choose curbside pickup.

Walgreens will then send you a notification email or text (if you opt-in) when your order is ready.

Then, drive to the store, park in an appropriately labeled parking spot if your location has them, and tap the “I’m here” button in the email or text link to notify the employees inside.

A team member will then bring your order out to your car.

Have your ID out and ready in case they ask for verification.

You might be asked to provide the make and model of your car in advance so that the team member can find you in the parking lot.

Depending on how busy that Walgreens location is and how well-staffed your location is, it usually only takes a few minutes for a team member to arrive at your car with your items.

If your Walgreens store location is not open 24 hours, curbside pickup orders must be placed at least one hour before the store closes to be eligible for this service.

If shoppers miss this window, their order will be ready the following business day.


What Kinds Of Items Can You Pick Up With This Service?

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You can pick up almost anything Walgreens sells when using curbside pickup, including most over-the-counter medicines, groceries, beverages, cosmetics, personal care items, baby items, household goods, vitamins and supplements, and seasonal goods.

You can also shop for weekly deals to add to your curbside pickup order.

Items not available for curbside pickup include tobacco, non-denominated gift cards, items containing pseudoephedrine, select assortments, magazines, newspapers, and any item sold exclusively online that is not available in the store.

Also, age-restricted items (e.g., alcohol) must be picked up in the store.

Not all Walgreens locations offer curbside pickup for prescriptions yet, as this option is available only in select states.

If your location does offer this service, and if your prescription is ready for pick up, you can add it to your pickup order and pay for everything in your cart at once.

If your location does not offer curbside pickup for prescriptions, you can get both your pickup order and prescriptions at the pharmacy or drive-thru window.

It should be noted that prescriptions are separate transactions from retail pickup orders and must be paid for separately.

You can still get both your pickup order and your prescriptions at the pharmacy, however.

If your retail item is too large to fit through the pharmacy drive-thru window, you’ll be asked to get your item inside the store at the pharmacy.


What Other Pickup Services Does Walgreens Offer?

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Walgreens pickup options include curbside, drive-thru, and in the store at the photo counter.

Depending on your Walgreens location, Walgreens will let you know which options are available to you in your pickup email or text confirmation.

All three services work the same way.

You must first shop for what you need online, add items to your virtual cart, and pay in advance.

You will then receive an email or text confirmation notifying you when your order is ready for pickup.


Is There a Fee To Use Walgreens Curbside Pickup?

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There is no additional fee to use Walgreens curbside pickup.

However, you must reach a $10 minimum estimated subtotal when you check out (after promo codes and paperless coupons are applied but before tax) to qualify.

Tips are also not expected by Walgreens team members who bring out your items.

If you do not reach the $10 minimum, curbside pickup will not be available at checkout, and you’ll need to go into the store to shop and pick up your items.


What Are The Advantages Of Using Walgreens Curbside Pickup?

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There are many advantages of using Walgreens curbside pickup.

The most obvious advantage is the time efficiency it provides.

Many working adults don’t have the time or energy to drive to a store in the hopes they have the exact items they need, get out of their cars, and walk through the aisles searching for their needed items.

When shopping online, you know exactly what your location has in stock, so you’ll never be disappointed when you arrive at the store.

If your location does not have what you need, you’ll know ahead of time and be able to make changes as needed.

Also with the variety of items sold at Walgreens, you can easily get lost or distracted searching for what you need.

By not allowing yourself to fall victim to impulsive purchases, you end up saving yourself that extra time and money.

Curbside pickup acts as a personal shopper for you, collecting the items you bought and bringing them right to your car.

In a post-pandemic world, curbside pickup has become more and more appealing to shoppers who want to avoid crowds and minimize their contact and interaction with other people as much as possible.

Through curbside pickup, you can keep your safe distance and minimize your contact with others.

Just open your door or trunk for the delivery person.

Staying outside also lets you remain in the safer and healthier fresh air, as opposed to the possibly contaminated air inside.


What Other Convenient Services Does Walgreens Offer To Shoppers?

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In addition to curbside pickup, drive-thru pickup, and online pickup inside the store, Walgreens also offers the Same Day Delivery service.

Walgreens’ Same Day Delivery service makes it easy to shop at your local Walgreens store online at or with the Walgreens App.

Using Same Day Delivery, your order can be delivered in as soon as one hour for orders placed during their Same Day Delivery hours.

For most stores, the Same Day Delivery hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but it varies by location.

To receive Same Day Delivery, you must place your order before 7 p.m. of that day, Monday through Sunday.

If you order outside of those hours, your order will be delivered by noon the next day.

When you order, see product details or your shopping cart for more information on what options are available to you.

Same Day Delivery works by ordering your items online or via the Walgreens App and choosing Same Day Delivery at checkout.

Choose from a wide range of available products in Walgreens stores, and one of Walgreens’ Same Day Delivery partners will bring your order to you at the address you provide.

When your delivery is on its way, Walgreens will send you an email or a text message, if you have opted to receive text notifications.

Plus, you don’t need to be home to receive your delivery.

Your delivery person will leave your order at your doorstep if you are not home to receive it.

If you are home, you can still benefit from contactless Same Day Delivery, as the driver will leave your order at your doorstep, without meeting you face-to-face.

Same Day Delivery partners may contact you by phone, but you can still stay safe and avoid interacting with their drivers.

Unlike curbside pickup, there is a fee for the Same Day Delivery if you do not spend $10 or more, in much the same way Instacart works.

Fees will vary by store and will be displayed when you add products to your cart.


What Walgreens Items Can Be Delivered Using Same Day Delivery?

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Most of the same items eligible for curbside pickup are also eligible for delivery.

However, exceptions are gift cards, oversize items, prescriptions, alcohol, and photo products.

As for prescriptions, Same Day Rx Delivery is currently available at more than 8,000 Walgreens stores.

To find out the details and restrictions of your local Walgreens, contact the pharmacy or learn more about Walgreens Express.

Most prescriptions are eligible for Same Day Rx Delivery.

However, some prescriptions, such as controlled substances, temperature-controlled prescriptions, or prescriptions paid for by certain insurance plans or healthcare programs may not be eligible for this service.

For more details, you will need to speak with a pharmacy team member at your local Walgreens.

Additionally, some prescription deliveries may not be eligible for delivery due to prescription type, delivery address, holidays, weather, or other delivery constraints.


How Does Same Day Rx Delivery Work?

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Text “Join Rx” to 21524 to sign up for Same Day Rx Delivery and select how you’d like to receive your eligible prescriptions.

This includes in-store or delivery options.

When ordering your next eligible prescription refill through the Walgreens App or, you can also select the Same Day Rx Delivery option.

If you don’t want to involve digital platforms, you can also call your local pharmacy or go to the store to discuss how you can receive your prescriptions through Same Day Rx Delivery.

To be eligible for Same Day Rx Delivery on a weekday, you must place your order by 4 p.m. or by 1 p.m. on weekends.

To qualify for Same Day Rx Delivery, you must live within 15 miles of your Walgreens pharmacy.

You can easily track your Same Day Rx Delivery orders through the Walgreens App.

Typically, delivery fees vary by location, but in response to the pandemic, Walgreens is currently waiving delivery fees for one- or two-day prescription deliveries.

As with regular Same Day Delivery, you do not need to be home to receive them unless the prescription requires a signature or ID verification.

If your prescription or location doesn’t allow for Same Day Rx Delivery, you can opt for one of two shipping options, both of which are free.

Walgreens can deliver your prescription in one to two days when you order your refill and receive a text or email that states your order is ready.

Then select “1–2 day.”

If you’re not in a rush, you can also opt for the “5–10 business day” shipping option after ordering your prescription refill and then select “Ship to Home” at checkout.

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