Does Cooper Kupp Deserve The Top WR Contract In The NFL?

Cooper Kupp #10 of the Los Angles Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals during the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium on February 13, 2022 in Inglewood, California.
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)


The Los Angeles Rams are back in the news again with their latest contract deal.

Coming off the heels of Aaron Donald getting more money, receiver Cooper Kupp is now getting a new deal.

That contract extension the Super Bowl MVP is receiving is worth $80 million over three years.

It also includes $75 million in guaranteed money for Kupp, which is huge for him.

But does he really deserve such a large contract in a receiver market that’s already seen bloated contracts?


Kupp Has Proven His Worth With Stafford As His Quarterback

Last season, with Matthew Stafford quarterbacking the Rams, Kupp had his best season of his career.

He posted the most receiving yards, touchdowns, receptions, and targets both in his career and for the NFL 2021 season.

No other receiver could compare to him during last season.

With nearly 2,000 receiving yards during the regular season, he proved his worth to Los Angeles and NFL fans.

However, some of those improved numbers come from him having Stafford as his quarterback.

Fans of the Rams believe Stafford is far better than their former quarterback, Jared Goff.

With that in mind, the MVP receiver can thank Stafford for those improved numbers and his new contract.

But can he continue to post numbers like those from 2021, or will defenses shut him down?


Kupp Found Ways To Beat Defenses And Can Continue To Do So

NFL defenses already knew that Kupp was the number one receiver for Los Angeles.

However, he still beat some of the best defensive teams in the league.

He posted a 75.9% reception to target rate in 2021, with his highest single game rating being 100% against the San Francisco 49ers.

He only went below 70% in a game two times, with the first coming against the Arizona Cardinals.

His reception to target rate puts him in the top five of receivers during 2021, meaning he’s extremely reliable.

With him still beating defenses deep into the NFL season, and during the playoffs, he’s shown that no one has an answer to him.

His ability to beat defensive players is why he’s so good.

However, only one thing could haunt Kupp in his ever improving status in the NFL


Injury History From 2018 Could Strike Back

While Kupp has been healthy since suffering multiple injuries in 2018, those problems could come back.

He suffered a concussion, MCL sprain, and ACL tear all in 2018, which shortened his season.

However, he’s been strong since returning from those injuries.

But with him being a receiver, and taking hard hits, as time goes on, those injuries could haunt him.

While he’s made a full recovery from those long forgotten injuries, the older he gets, the more likely he could re-injure himself.

If that were to happen, that contract would be a bust for Los Angeles.

However, with Kupp showing over the last three seasons that he’s healthy, they aren’t worried about that.

He’s shows each season that he’s able to stay healthy.

But in the NFL, health is never a guaranteed thing on the field.

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