Dodgers Send A Thank You To A Departed Pitcher

It’s hard to think about a more symbiotic relationship than the one the Los Angeles Dodgers and pitcher Tyler Anderson just had in 2022.

Anderson was a league-average pitcher for years, having had stints with the Colorado Rockies, the San Francisco Giants, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Seattle Mariners.

His ERA finishes were often above 4.00, even closer to 4.50.

But the Dodgers saw something, took a chance on him, worked with him to gain consistency and improve, and then reaped the benefits.

Anderson had a 15-5 record in 178.2 innings, with a brilliant 2.57 ERA.

His 138 strikeouts weren’t all that impressive, but his top control and command gave him the opportunity to succeed.

Now, since he was on a one-year deal, Anderson parlayed that fantastic performance to a three-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

The Dodgers And Anderson Were In A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

He won’t have to move too far, as he will stay in California, but he will no longer be a part of the Dodgers’ roster.

The Dodgers posted a “thank you” message on Twitter, showing appreciation for Anderson’s hard work.

It was an amazing working relationship: the Dodgers, known for their player development skills, took Anderson to another level.

The pitcher, on the other hand, helped the Dodgers in a year in which they suffered lots of injuries to their rotation.

The deal was a win-win for everybody involved.

Now, it will be up to Anderson and the Angels to keep him producing great starts on a consistent basis.

He will have the earning opportunity of his lifetime, and it was because of the Dodgers.

The Dodgers had a great, consistent starter in 2022 thanks to Anderson.