Do Pawn Shops Take Golf Clubs? (Explained)

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Pawn shops can be a great way to quickly get money when you need it.

In addition, if you have a bunch of gear that you need to get rid of but don’t want to spend your time on the sales process, pawn shops can be a great option.

However, dealing with pawn shops is not always easy, and many people question the value you get for your products.

We are going to take an in-depth look into whether or not pawn shops will accept golf clubs, if the pricing is worth it, and look at some reasons why you may want to sell to a pawn shop.


Do Pawn Shops Take Golf Clubs?

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Yes, many pawn shops take golf clubs, but the individual shop will decide if the condition and technology of the club is something they will purchase from you.

Each pawn shop has a specific list of products, and sometimes old golf clubs that are no longer relevant from a technology standpoint will not be included on this list.

For example, pawn shops may not take an old beginner set from 10 years ago because their chance of selling it is considerably lower.

However, if you have a brand new Callaway driver that you simply didn’t like, the chance of getting some good money for that is quite high.

When thinking about whether a pawn shop will take your club, you have to think about what is in it for them.

After all, they are taking all the risk, so they must also be able to reap a reward.

A pawn shop will carefully calculate the current value of a used golf club and then determine how much they are willing to give you.

Don’t be surprised when this number is only about 20 to 40% of the club’s used value as advertised.

eBay and other online sellers will allow you to calculate the value of the used club, so you can see for yourself how much the cost would be.

A pawn shop needs to cut this price to make a profit.

This is why many golfers find that although a pawn shop is quick to pay, they don’t often have the best deal when it comes to the amount of money you receive.

If you have good equipment that you think others would benefit from, there are ways to get much more money for it.


Is Selling My Golf Clubs To A Pawn Shop Worth It?

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Selling golf clubs to a pawn shop is typically only worth it if you need money quickly.

However, there are ways that you can sell your golf clubs locally or work with an online shop to get much more money for the clubs.

The only problem with this is that you will have to wait for your money.

Some second-hand golf companies also don’t give you cash for your golf clubs; they simply offer credit, which you can use to purchase other golf clubs from them.

This is a bit of a problem as golf clubs may not always be what you want to use the money for.

There are a few things that can help you decide if selling your golf clubs to a pawn shop is worth the money.


1. Condition Of Clubs

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If your golf clubs are not in good condition, a pawn shop probably will not take them.

Pawn shops can be a bit selective in what they take as they don’t want to collect a ton of inventory with nowhere for it to go.

You can easily keep your golf clubs in good condition by using a headcover and storing them properly after a round of play.

All players should be doing this from the start so that the resale value of their golf clubs is better.

For those that have bags full of clubs that are no longer good, it is best to donate them as they will be practically impossible to sell.

You can donate to a local organization, and they will use these for beginner classes or maybe even junior programs.

Once golf clubs get to a certain age and they are no longer in great condition, the amount of money you can get for them is almost nothing.

Take a good look at the condition of the clubs that you are bringing into a pawn shop because if they are not perfect, you may be wasting your time.


2. Types Of Clubs

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The type and brand of golf club you are trying to pawn also matters.

Let’s say you have a 10-year-old TaylorMade driver.

The pawn shop may only give you a few dollars for this because the chance of someone coming into the shop and being interested in older technology like this is rather slim.

However, you could also have a new TaylorMade Stealth driver.

These clubs are selling for over $500 new, so the pawn shop is likely going to be much more interested in an option like this.

Drivers are also a good seller because they don’t have as many custom specifications as iron sets.

You will also find this to be true with woods, putters, and even wedges.

When iron sets are a ½ inch short or three degrees upright, some pawn shops will decide not to take them.

After all, a pawn shop is a busy place with much more going on than just golf clubs.

They can’t waste time learning about the custom specifications of the clubs and figuring out which options are the proper choice for a golfer.

Instead, they may look at a set and decide not to take it at all.

If you want to get an idea of what your golf clubs are worth before heading to the pawn shop, that is easy to do.

Simply search the type of golf club, the age, the specifications, and any other details about the condition.

You will get plenty of results letting you know how much the club is worth, and then you can keep this number in your head as you make your way to the pawn shop.

Chances are, the number you will get from the pawn shop will be lower, but it could still be worth it.


3. How Fast You Need The Money



If you need the money fast, a pawn shop is likely your best decision.

However, we still have some advice here to consider even if you need money fast.

Local marketplaces like Facebook tend to move well-priced golf clubs very quickly.

Let’s say, for instance, that you have a driver in good condition that is worth $200 use.

You don’t feel like dealing with an online seller and sending this club in to wait for an inspection, etc.

The local pawn shop says they will give you $40 for it.

You can take this club, put it in a local Facebook group, and price it for $175.

This is considerably higher than what you get from the pawn shop and just a little lower than the online price from the seller.

In addition, with these types of sales, it is typically a local pickup, so you will not have to ship anything.

Even if you need the money fast, you may still be able to get it that day.

This is an intelligent option to consider and can sometimes only take a few minutes.

Many golfers watch these Facebook posts come up daily and wait for great deals on golf equipment.

It is worth a shot because you may get lucky and find a buyer quickly.


Is A Pawn Shop A Good Place To Buy Golf Clubs?

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Now that we have covered whether or not you should sell your clubs to a pawn shop, it’s also a good idea to look into buying golf clubs at a pawn shop.

For those that are new to the game or looking for a deal, there can be some positives to purchasing a set of clubs at a pawn shop.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan to shop at a pawn shop for golf clubs.


1. Check Condition

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Before purchasing any clubs at a pawn shop, make sure to carefully check the condition of the golf club.

Although it would be great if all of these clubs were in great shape, that is not always the case.

A pawn shop is not a golf expert, and therefore they don’t do any kind of thorough inspection of the shafts or equipment.

Look for issues with the clubhead, grips, and shafts to determine if the investment into these products still makes sense.

The condition of the club is something you likely won’t be able to do much about, so make sure you are ok with what you are purchasing.


2. Look Up Values Ahead Of Time

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Prior to going shopping for golf clubs, it’s a good idea to have an idea of the values.

Of course, it’s impossible to know how much all used and new equipment costs, but it can help to have an idea.

For instance, if you have been looking at used hybrids and see that they are all around $80 to $120, you can then look at the pawn shop for options.

If the used hybrid is $160, there could be something special about it, or it’s just not a very good deal.

Knowing these values before you even start shopping will ensure you get a great deal.

In addition, it can help to have your phone with you to check on the values and see which ones make sense to purchase.

Remember that pawn shops are in it to make money, so they have incorporated profit into the clubs they are selling, which leads to our next point.


3. Is Negotiation An Option?

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Some pawn shops will negotiate with you.

If you plan on purchasing a full set of golf clubs, the chance of getting a bit of a discount is considerably higher.

Some pawn shops have a strict policy against negotiation so check on this before you start trying to work out a deal for your next set of golf clubs.

Negotiation is much easier when you have the facts to back up your price.

When a $300 driver is being sold for $300, you won’t have much room to negotiate, but if you find one advertised for $275, you have a chance.


4. Check Back Regularly

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Pawn shops are going to change their inventory almost daily.

If you are on a mission to find some of the best golf deals in your area, you can’t walk into a pawn shop one time and expect that everything will be perfectly laid out for you.

This process takes some research, some time, and some dedication to staying on top of new inventory.

Some smaller pawn shop owners will take your information and give you a call each time they have golf equipment come in.

This type of customer service says that the business is willing to work with you and wants to help you find your next set of golf clubs.

Some businesses will put products on the shelf the day they get them, and others will only update their shelves once a week.

Talk to the owners or employees to get information about golf clubs coming up for sale at your local shop.



As you can see, pawn shops typically take golf clubs, but it does depend on the preferences of the local pawn shop owner.

It may be worth calling first before you head in with a trunk full of clubs.

Remember that there are ways to sell golf clubs, undercut other prices, and get rid of equipment rather quickly.

The key is to take care of your golf clubs so that when the time does come to sell, you will have all the negotiating power.

For beginners looking to pick up the equipment at a fair price, pawn shops, consignment shops, and second-hand stores are good places to start the initial search.

The used golf club market is a big one and can help save you quite a bit of money.

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