DNA on jacket a match to Samantha Humphrey, 2 others


SCHENECTADY N.Y. — NEWS10 ABC has learned that three sets of DNA were detected on a jacket that was discovered in the area where 14-year-old Samantha Humphrey was last seen. Sources close to the investigation tell NEWS10’s Anya Tucker that one set of DNA is a match to Samantha.

Police say the Schenectady High School student was last seen on security cameras around midnight November 25 while approaching the area of the Front Street Pool and a railroad bridge that crosses the Mohawk River. But police say there are no images of her ever leaving the area. Schenectady Police say, on the night the teen went missing, Samantha texted a friend, telling them she planned on meeting up with her 14-year-old ex-boyfriend in the spot along the river, considered to be a teen hangout.

When she did not return home, her father searched the area, discovering a jacket along the shoreline, which family members told NEWS10 they believe belongs to Samantha. During a press conference four weeks ago, Anya asked Police Chief Eric Clifford if any images showed Samantha wearing the jacket. “At this time, we are just not able to determine whether the photographs and or video match what was found,” answered Clifford. He said he was awaiting further testing on the jacket from the New York State Police lab.

Sources with intimate knowledge of the case tell NEWS10 that the results of that testing returned a few days ago and that the lab found the presence of three sets of DNA on the jacket. The same sources say one set is a match to Samantha and another set matches an adult male, who has been identified as a local convicted felon, who is said to have been interviewed by police. The third set is said to belong to a yet unidentified male.

“We just would like to be able to know what happened to our Sammy,” Samantha’s grandfather, John Matarazzo, told Anya over the phone regarding the latest information. “If anybody knows anything or saw her with any of these people. You know, whoever they think they could be. They got to help out. They have to help out. Because there’s questions that need answers and somebody knows,” he added.

NEWS10 reached out to Schenectady Police for any updates regarding the DNA results. At the time of this article, they have offered no comment other than to ask the public for any information they might have on this case and to give them a call if they do. Their tip line is 518-788-6566.

Schenectady Police, the New York State Police and their dive team have returned to the icy waters of the Mohawk countless times in their search for the teen, but have unfortunately, had no luck finding any evidence of the girl. Matarazzo underscored his respect for their efforts and faith that they will ultimately solve the case and find out what happened to his granddaughter.

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