Dean Michael, candidate for NY Assembly discusses the issues with News10

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Voters will be going to the polls on June 28 for the first of two state primaries. Candidates for state offices and the Assembly will face-off to see who will be on the November ballot.

One of those races is for the republican nominee for the Assembly’s 106th district. Dean Michael is looking for another opportunity to unseat the democratic incumbent, Didi Barrett. But he’ll have to get by fellow republican Brandon Gaylord in Tuesday’s prmary.

Michael is a lifelong resident of Dutchess County. He’s been involved in local politics for nearly a dozen years and is looking to serve at the state level.

Two years ago, Michael lost to Didi Barrett in the general election. He states he his running on the same issues he campaigned on two years ago. They include public safety, economy and helping small business.

“All these mandates are crushing small businesses,” said Michael. “The barrier to entry for any small business is not competitive and gives a leg up on big business.”

Michael sat down with News10 ABC’s Solomon Syed to discuss the issues facing the 106th Assembly district.

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