Credit Card Comparison: ICICI Sapphiro Vs. SBI Card Elite


As seen above, both cards offer good value across multiple categories. However, if you look at a single category, say reward points, both the cards would fare differently and this is where the decision stands. For example, if you are looking for a card that lets you earn generous reward points on your regular spends while offering some savings on movies every month, SBI Card Elite would clearly be a better choice.

Choose ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card if:

  • You are ready to pay an annual fee of Rs. 3,500
  • You mostly travel within India and would like to get free lounge access
  • You would like to save a significant amount on your movie spends
  • You will be able to spend Rs. 6 Lakh in order to get the annual fee waived off

Choose SBI Card Elite if:

  • You are ready to bear the considerably high annual fee of Rs. 4,999
  • You are looking for good features across shopping, travel and entertainment categories
  • You are a high-spender putting most big-ticket purchases on credit cards
  • You travel quite often and wish to save on lounge access as well as airlines and hotels
  • You will be able to spend Rs. 10 Lakh in a year to get the annual fee waived off

The choice between the two cards depends on the type of purchases you wish to make. Carefully read the benefits offered on each card and decide as per your spending preferences.

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