COELIG inaugural ethics training launched


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government (COELIG) has released its new online training ethics program, titled “Ethical Standards for Lobbyists and Clients.” According to the COELIG, the training for the first time in New York history includes both registered lobbyists and their clients and is expected to educate roughly 13,000 individuals.

“Ensuring that everyone who seeks to influence state government is well versed in the rules and regulations that govern the lobbying process is critical to heightening compliance, and preventing errors and combatting fraud and abuse,” said COELIG Executive Director Sanford Berland. “I thank Acting Director of Lobbying Carol Quinn and all the Commission staff who worked so tirelessly to get this important program up and running on a very tight timeframe. We will be working to further expand and improve it based on user feedback.”

The new training can be accessed on the commission’s website.

According to COELIG, they’ve streamlined access to the program by using online training technology that allows lobbyists and clients to access it from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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