Cincinnati Reds Are Clearing House Before MLB Trade Deadline

Anthony Santander #25 of the Baltimore Orioles runs the bases after hitting a two-run home run off of Mike Minor #31 of the Cincinnati Reds in the sixth inning at Great American Ball Park on July 29, 2022 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Baltimore defeated Cincinnati 6-2.
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The Cincinnati Reds are throwing out the white flag on the 2022 MLB season.

A Friday night deal with the Seattle Mariners would signal the Reds are done with this season.

However, that deal isn’t the only one they have made during the season before the trade deadline.

Two major trades by the Reds in the past week show they are rebuilding the team.

So what are the trades that the Reds made that are signaling the team is rebuilding?


Reds Trade Luis Castillo To Seattle For Four Prospects

Luis Castillo was one of the starting pitchers the Reds relied on over the past six seasons.

As a cornerstone of the Reds pitching staff since 2017, trading him takes away a young talent they could use next season.

However, with Castillo returning from an injury this season, and team rebuilding, shipping him off now gave the Reds four new prospects.

Their Friday night deal with the Seattle Mariners got them prospect players Noelvi Marte, Edwin Arroyo, Levi Stoudt, and Andrew Moore.

With some of these players seen as top prospects, it would seem that Cincinnati came out on top with this deal.

For Reds fans hoping to see their team back in the playoffs one day, this could be the right step.

However, the deal got them two short-stops, a position that’s filled by Kyle Farmer and Matt Reynolds.

But that could change if they trade either of those players before the deadline.

While the Castillo deal is the big one, they had another deal that was big as well.


Reds Trade Tyler Naquin And Phillip Diehl For Minor League Players

Another trade from earlier in the week saw outfielder Tyler Naquin and minor league player Phillip Diehl go to the New York Mets.

The Reds would get two minor league players in return, second baseman Hector Rodriguez and pitcher Jose Acuna.

While these players weren’t like the ones that the Reds got in the Seattle trade, the Reds see talent in them.

However, these moves signal the team is moving on for younger and cheaper talent.

It is also something that has upset their fan base.


Reds Fans Aren’t Happy With Some Of Their Teams Trades

Not every Reds fan is sold on these trades by the Reds.

In fact, some fans are angry with the trading of Castillo.

These fans feel that ownership is more about money than winning.

After seeing the team trading Castillo, that could be the case.

His contract this season was over $7 million, and could have been more next season if the Reds kept him.

While he could have given the team a better chance at winning, the Reds didn’t see the value in that move.

Instead of spending money to keep him, they would take prospects who may never work out in Cincinnati.

However, fans that don’t approve see these trades as ones to keep money in their pocket, and not the players.

Continuing to run the Reds like this could cost them their fan base and keep them at the bottom of the league each year.

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